I'm Kidnapped and I think I like it Ch. 18

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I've kind of been letting Bella's side of the story out so this Chapter is in her Pov

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~Bella's Pov~

I was sitting on the couch when Sean walked in.

"Hey Bel."


"I think I must really be missing Lili already."


"I was at Santa Cruz coming back from a photo shoot and I had some extra time and I went to the mall. I was walking in and I could have sworn I saw Lili walking out with a guy."


"Yes but I couldn't really look at her face because before I knew it the girl had put on a guy's hoodie and started making out with the guy she was with."

"That's definitely not Lili."

"How do you know?"

"Because 1. She's in Utah right now and 2. She would have told me if she had a boyfriend."

"That's true." He walked over and sat next to me.

"Yea. You must really miss her then."

"Of course she's my only sibling." Sean is an only child and he sees Lili as his little sister.

"Hey I'm done with dinner you want to eat."


Once we were done with dinner Sean picked up or plates and cups and washed them. Then we went to our room to sleep. In the morning We ate breakfast and went to the doctors appointment.

I had an ultrasound. Sean and the Doctor where talking while I just listened.

"Can we see the baby?" Sean asked.

"We have to wait and see Mr.Sparks."

"Wait for what?"

"To see how many weeks old the baby is."

"oh ok. Well he have a face already?"

"Again Mr.Sparks We have to wait and see how many weeks the baby is."

He nodded. "Are we going to be able to get pictures?"

"Yes, although depending on how many weeks the baby is I'm not sure what we'll be able to see."

He nodded again.

"I'm guessing your first time parents."

"Yes" I said.

"I can tell." He looked at Sean who was busy looking at my bare stomach.

Dr. Wilson set up what was needed to get the ultrasound ready. When he was finished he started the process.

"By the looks of it your 9 weeks pregnant. If you see right here you can see the baby is taking its form. Its private is also forming but we won't be able to tell the sex until a few more weeks. Also you might not feel it but the baby is moving as we speak. Look this is his head and his body right here. By the way if we're lucky we'll be able to hear its heart beat today." I started crying while the doctor was telling me all of this.

"Can you tell how big and how much it weighs?" I asked in tears of joy.

"Actually yes. Its about 2 gram and about 1 inch tall."

"Is that good?" Sean asked.

"Yes that's perfect."

"Good" He said.

"You guys want to hear its heart now."

"Yes!" We both said.

"Great let me set up the Doppler." During the whole thing Sean didn't let go of my hand once.

"The first one is going to be yours the one that comes after that is the baby's."

As Dr. Wilson said mine came first then came the baby's.

When I heard it I started tearing up. The real evidence that someone is forming in me. When it was over Sean kissed me.

After the appointment was done we set up another one in 4 weeks. Then we went to a baby shopping.

At the first store we got a light brown crib, a changing table to match it, and a rocking chair. At the 2nd store we got a stroller and a car seat. At the next store we got diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, diaper bag, and baby bottles. The last one we went to we got a baby bath tub,  baby bath kit which came with thermometer, comb, scissors, and nail clippers. We also got head to toe tear free shampoo, baby lotion, baby oil, baby towel, new born first aid kit, baby bottle brush, baby formula, and a bouncer. The last store we went to was the local book store. We got baby name books.

By the time we got home it was already dark. Sean made dinner. After we eat went upstairs and looked at the baby name books.

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