I'm Kidnapped and I think I like it Ch. 23

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Hey! Ok well I have the rest of the story planned out. Their might not be too many chapters left.


~Lili's POV~

When I was sitting down in Joey's car I felt something on my back pocket. I reached back and pulled out a plastic card with a post it on it. It said:

Thought you might need this

     Love your big bro

Well I could pay Joey back now.

The next 3 days were pretty normal. The only new thing that happened was Joey and Sean texting each other 24/7. Seriously they I had to kick Joey out of the room last night because his stupid text ringtone kept going, 'message, message, messaagee, messsaagggeee aaaaaaa.' over and over.

It was around 5 and we were getting ready  to go to Bella and Sean's house when Joey's ring tone started playing the nokia ringtone but in a rock in roll beat which was actually pretty catchy.

"Yellow." He said into the reciever.

There was a pause. "Makes blue. hahaha. What's up Sean." pause again. "Yea yea don't even worry about it we'll go some other time." pause. "uh huh." pause. "Ok, See you then." pause. "Alright bye." 'tell him I said hi.' I mouthed to him. "Lili says hi." pause. "I'll tell her. See you later." He clicked.

"What happened?" I asked.

"Bella threw up."

"That's normal she's pregnant."

"I know but she got it all over the carpet."

"Oh ok."

"Yea and they're going to have some one over to clean it."


"Yup." He nodded.

"Well since we're not going anywhere." He took off his jeans and shirt. He was just in his boxers.

"Joey I told you I'm not having sex with you." He put on his little smile.

"I wasn't planning on taking your virgenity." He said through a smile.

"How do you know i'm virgen. I could have been the high school slut."

"Because if you were 'the high school slut' you would have had sex with me already."

I stayed quiet. I hate when I don't have any smart ass comments.

"By the way I wasn't planning on having sex with you. I just wanted to be comfortable it's hot in here."

It was pretty hot in here.

"Anyways I'll be down stairs." He pulled out his phone and started texting again. I'll bet you a million dollars he was texting Sean.

I went down stairs to join Joey in the living when my phone vibrated. I looked at it. Great no battery.

"Hey you think we can go the store really fast?" I asked.

"Why." He said.

"My phone is dead."

"Oh no give it CPR."

"Joey I'm not kidding."

"Me either."

"Never mind." I sat down on recliner and set my phone on the coffee table. Joey reached out and grabbed it.

"What are you doing." I said.

"Checking what kind of charger your phone uses."

"oh." He got up and walked over to a closet near by. I couldn't help and stare at his butt. Don't judge me it's a girl thing. He came back with a charger in his hands.

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