I'm Kidnapped and I think I like it Ch.6

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Back at the Kidnapper's house

I don't want to give out names just yet

That's her on the picture.


I am so hungry. I hadn't eat since lunch yesterday. I looked around and I couldn't see Mr.Kidnapper. That's what I call him since I don't know his name, Although he looks like a Lucas to me. I'll just call him that.

Great speaking of the devil Lucas came in. At least one of got to change.

Today he was wearing a gray V-neck,some levis, and black converses. I have to admit it the guy looked good.He could really pull of the whole V-neckand levis thing, not many can.

"Are you hungry?" Seriously did he have to state the obvious.

"Are you stupid?" I hadn't meant to say it but then again I don't regret it.

"Do not insult me, you do not know what I could do you." I have to admit that made the little hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

Keep your cool I kept telling myself, don't show fear."Other than have me sit in the basement, your going to put me in the attic." I said mockingly.

"NO, I don't even have an attic so ha, jokes on you" He said that so cutely it was the first time he didn't sound so serious.

"Wow, what's next I'm rubber your glue, whatever you say bounces of me and sticks on you."

"That's actually a good one." You could he meant to say that to himself.


This next thing he did was hard not to laugh at but i managed not to.

He literaly shook his head and said, "enough I'm not here to be your friend. I'm here to be a bad guy. If you don't do as I say I'll take you to Mexico and sell you."

Being that smatass I am I couldn't help but say, "I've always wanted to go to Mexico."

When I said that he pinched the top of his nose bridge and said, "Of all the people in the world I had to get stuck with you." I admit it that kinda hurt.

"At least you didn't get stuck with Ann for 13 years. Hurting you emotionally. Letting you know how much she hated you every single day telling you that you should have never been born." I don't know why I said but it came out.

I started to cry, mostly because what I said brought back memories of my parents and things Ann told me growing up.

"Damn it. Why are you crying." Did he really have to say something.

"Just leave me alone." before he walked out he uncuffed me. Maybe he's not as that much of an ass.

About 15 minutes later I heard him call out from the top of the stairs.

"Hey you want to eat?!" his voice wasn't harsh like usual.

No shit sherlock. "Yea!"

"Well come up here!"

"I can't!"


"You said I couldn't leave the room smarty!"

"Damn it lil or lila what ever your name is get up here!"

"My name is Lili!" I said I was walking up the stairs.

"I really don't care." he said as i sat down.

"Well you should, jerk. What are you going to say when you call Ann to tell her what you want in exchange for me."I said this last part in a deepish voice. "Hey I'm Mr.Asshole I have Lila here and i want blah blah blah in exchange for her."

"That's not how I talk." He snorted

"I really don't care." I saidmimicking his words.

"Just eat."

The food was actually good. He had made pancakes with chocolate m&ms. Not my favorite but they were good. I also noticed he put Peanut butter on his pancakes. I tried them that way and it actually tasted good. Forget syrup I'm using peanut butter now.

"Damn it." I loved the way he said that word.


"It's my Mom's birthday today."

"So What's wrong?"

"I forgot to buy her a present."

"That's all bad."

"I know don't remind me."

"Why don't you go buy her something."

"and leave you here, No."

"I won't leave I promise."

"I'll have to set up somethings first." He said this more to himself then to me.

"You don't believe me."

"Not one bit. Who wouldn't want to leave while they're kidnapped."

"All you really have to do is lock the door that leads downstairs and the one to the garage."

"How do you know it leads to the garage?" He was really surprised.

"It's unlocked smarty."

"Damn it." There it is again.

2 minutes later He pulled out his cellphone. Lucky jerk Lucas had the iPhone 4.

"Hey mom." His voice was actually sweet.

"No it's Joey."

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