I'm kidnapped and I think I like it Ch.17

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Once we were finished at that store we went to the ice cream stand. We both got rainbow sherbert. We sat down next to each other on one of the benches. When we were done we went to the sunglasses store. I got some Ray Ban Aviators with a really dark lens and a silver frame. He got some Ray Ban Wayfarer with a dark lens too and a black frame. After we left the store we noticed it was already dark. It must have been 8 already. We were walking out and I saw someone I recognized.


~Joey's Pov~

After all the shopping we had done we were finally leaving. Don't get me wrong I like to shop but I was tired already.

We were walking out to the parking lot and I saw Lili grab a hoodie I had bought. She put it on and then put the hoodie over her head.

Afterwards she hugged me and started makingout with me. I wasn't going to stop I liked kissing. Plus I really waned to kiss her. I put my arms around her and started making out with her too.

 A guy that seemed a bit familiar passed us. We were still kissing once the person walked in and the doors shut Lili pulled away.

"What was that for?" I acted surprise.

"Did you just see that guy?" We just finshed kissing now you want me to check out a guy that passed wow.


"Well that's my brother in law Sean."

"The model?"

"No the construction woker. Yes dummy the model."

"Oh." She just saved me.

"Your welcome for not turning you in."

"Thank you. Why didn't you?"

"If you want me to I can still catch up to him."

"No no. I'm just wondering."

"I don't know." She did know but she didn't want to tell me more.

"Ok. Come on let's go before he comes out again."

We walked over to my car and put the bags in the trunk. We stopped at Jake's burgers to eat. I got a burger with fries and coke, and Lili got some chicken Strips with fries and a lemonade. It was pretty funny when we were eating.

A little boy in back of us was fighting with his parents. He got the ketchup and threw it. It hit Lili in the back of the head and she got ketchup all over her hair. I couldn't help but laugh. The parents didn't even notice because they had gone to get food.

"Don't just sit there laughing help me."

"Here have some napkins."

"Your such an ass hole!"

"Mam, can you please not say those words in front of my son." The lady in back of us told her.

"Yea babe that's so rude what are you trying to teach little kids." I said trying not to laugh.

"Ugh, Your are the worst person ever!" She got up and started to leave towards the bathroom.

When I caught up to her she was leaning on the wall sitting and crying.

I knelt down and tried my best to comfort her. "Come on it's just a little bit of Ketchup it will come off."

"It's not that my head really hurts." she said through tears.

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