I'm kidnapped and I think I like it Ch.13

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It was probably 8 in the morning and I woke up to water being poured down on my face.

She started laughing so hard. I grabbed her hand and brought her down. She gave a little squeal and i couldn't help but laugh.


~Lili's Pov~

I saw him sleeping and saw the beer next to him. So I got the beer bottle dump out the rest of it and poured water into it.

"take that jerk" I poured the water on him.

He woke up and his eyes were huge. I had to laugh.

I was laughing so hard I didn't notice he had brought me down ontop of him. He was holding me and laughing because I had let out a little squeal.

I finallyrealizedhow close I was to him. I could feel his abs everytime he inhaled to get air while he laughed. I could smell his body wash. The only thing that killed it was that his breath smelt like alcohol from the night before i'm guessing.

After a bit he finally let go of me. I hadn't even realized he was hugging me. He got serious again, got up and walked upstairs. OMGOSH he wasn't even wearing a shirt.

That sounded immature but you should have seen his abs. My gosh I'm guess the gym machine was really working. He had abs like Trey Songz, I love Trey Songz so yea I would know how they look.

Since I knew he was going to take a shower I did the same. It was only my birthday and you know what they say you end the year how you started, or was that for New Year's only whatever point is i'm going to take a shower.And no I'm not planning on telling Joey it's my birthday he wouldn't care anyways.

I took off my jacket to get my shirt. when I got my shirt I noticed my Phone wasn't there anymore. what the ef I know I put it there one I went to sleep or did i put it under the covers. I put my pants on and it wasn't on the chair either. I looked through the covers and under the pillow put it wasn't there either.

"Don't freak out it's here somewhere." i kept telling myself.

"Lose something?" I didn't even hear him come down.

"F**KING SHIT, you scared me asshole."

"sorry" he said with a smirk on his face

I noticed he had basketball shorts on rather than pants, but of course he would have a V-neck on. He didn't look to bad either. He reminded me of some rapper i saw on mtv once who had the same style as him on except different basketball shorts.

"hello?" oh man i had space out


"hahaha. are you going to eat breakfast?"



When I walked upstairs I couldn't believe what I saw.

The table was full of things.

There were two cakes, cupcakes on a plate, sugar cookies with frosting, my favorite by the way, there was cheese with crackers, pretzels, chips, pancakes, a bowl of grapes, a plate of melon, and a pack of gum.

I heard Joey whisper into my ear.

"Happy 18th Birthday" at least his breath didn't smell like beer anymore.

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