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Fake Love -- Dramione by _Justa_fangirl_
Fake Love -- Dramioneby _Justa_fangirl_
"I want Astoria back, you want Weasel back - for some unknown reason. They'll come crawling back on their hands and knees. Simple, really." "Are you propo...
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Riverdale Is My Home BOOK 1 by dumbo60
Riverdale Is My Home BOOK 1by yeet
This is book 1 of 2! The second is finally finished!!! This is a story about Moose having a younger sister, who falls in love with Sweetpea, but things go South until sh...
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  • fanfic
  • moosemason
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The Leaf's Flame (Sequal to SLS) (Gaara Love Story) by Shishikibobs
The Leaf's Flame (Sequal to SLS) ( Landon
Shiaye is back and better than before! After finishing her outside village training that took up a year and a half to complete. When her team is reunited, they are still...
  • ocstory
  • finshed
  • shiaye
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Puppy Love and Kitten Play (B1) (PLAKP) by InTheDarkWeWrite
Puppy Love and Kitten Play (B1) ( Tori
*HAPPY ENDING CONFIRMED* Cats and dogs seemingly don't get along. It's actually a known fact. They mixed as well as water and oil. Well, that is except for Gerard and Fr...
  • mcr
  • fanfic
  • frerard
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The One That Got Away by livvyalsop
The One That Got Awayby Livvy Alsop
Some people in life are lucky enough to never have a one that got away. The rest have a love that never truly burns out. It was the winter of 2009 when we fell in love...
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  • france
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Jughead and Betty having a nice evening ending with their first time by hiorhey1998
Jughead and Betty having a nice Lara
Jughead and Betty having a nice evening ending with their first time
  • cute
  • movie
  • cooper
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The Only One by ilove11candys
The Only Oneby Lily
What happens when you get rejected by the one that is suppose to love you? What if you are a wolf too? Do you run and hide or do you stand and fight? When Liliafang face...
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I'm Kidnapped and I think I like it(finshed;]) by tere93
I'm Kidnapped and I think I like tere93
Finally turning 18. Lili can't wait to be out of her step grandmother's house. A week before her 18th birthday she is out of that house but not in the way she would have...
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TEXTS (Cameron Dallas) by rawr1576
TEXTS (Cameron Dallas)by Break My Heart
  • camerondallas
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The Station Girl by Zedesta
The Station Girlby Zedesta
For five years, she was an orphan. For one night, a stowaway. And for fifteen years, a train station was her home. Her memory began with the sound of trains. Her mistrea...
  • growingup
  • novella
  • perseverance
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Black Arrows by candyfluffs
Black Arrowsby ☁️Imagining chapters
Where going to spend a whole two days in a forest. Fun I know that's what your thinking. Life just got a whole lot worse, the only word I can think of right now is "...
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Moon Girl (Watty Awards 2013) by MissStyrieGurl
Moon Girl (Watty Awards 2013)by Miss Styrie Gurl
EVERYONES TALKING ABOUT IT!! "A brilliant book with a strong female character. It is beautifully written. Definitely, a breath of fresh air." - flying-per...
  • flying-person
  • romance
  • everything
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To be loved and to be in love.  by 16xxlt
To be loved and to be in love. by 16xxlt
  • louistomlinson
  • home
  • finshed
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Sweetie by khays306
Sweetieby Fanficqueen306
We were both heading different ways Both in a rush, trying to get away I ran into you, like a crash of thunder Out in the rain, waiting for the bus We started talking ab...
  • done
  • shortstory
  • klauslovestory
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Niall Horan - The meet up by irishgirlwriterlove
Niall Horan - The meet upby Writergirl
Moving to England to go to uni was meant to be an experience Eliza would never forget but she wasn't prepared for the mayhem that occurred all because she meets one boy...
  • university
  • love
  • boybands
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AFTER || be more chill oneshot by sadjojii
AFTER || be more chill oneshotby Buzzy
Michael reflects on life after the Incident with his boyfriend, Rich.
  • jeremyheere
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  • bmc
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Light in The Darkness by GoodVriskaSerket
Light in The Darknessby GoodVriskaSerket
In a never ending loop of sorrow I'm now going to tell you a story that will be very unpleasant if you care to go on reading I applaud you, if not there's no harm in sav...
  • finshed
  • heartstrings
  • sad
O Holy Night by olicity4ever4
O Holy Nightby Olicity&Coldwave4ver
It's Christmas in Chicago and Marcus has been invited to share it with Tomas and his family. A cute Christmas oneshot leading into my main story: The Exorcism of Dinah L...
  • lgbt
  • theexorcist
  • fanfiction
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Katniss and Peeta Always (sequel to Katniss and Peeta Together Forever) by IAmUnstable
Katniss and Peeta Always (sequel Kalyn
Katniss' second pregnancy sequel to Katniss and Peeta Together Forever. ~~~~~~~~~~ALL CHARACTERS BELONG TO SUZANNE COLLINS~~~~~~ 《《《《《《 BOOK 2 》》》》》》
  • finshed
  • peeta
  • hunger
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MANNCROWAVE (crack) by lonerobbers
MANNCROWAVE (crack)by Tyler🌗
Okay so this book is a joke, because my teacher was carrying a microwave across the lunchroom and all my friends were like I SHIP IT so I'm making this a crack thing bec...
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