I'm Kidnapped and I think I like it Ch.11

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"Nothing tomato face." I couldn't help but say it.

"Shut up." she was annoyed now hahaha.

"make me." that was childish

Talk about a death stare, she could have killed me literally.

After she finshed eatting she got up and walked downstairs. Not one word.


~Lili's Pov~

Ok I know if anyone should be mad it's him. I only accused him of being gay. He did call me tomato face, but whatever. I'm just annoyed.

The next3 days were the same.

I woke up and he would be sitting in the big white chair. Always wearing a V-neck tshirt and jeans. He would ask me if i wanted breakfast, I would say yes. we'd go up to his kitchen and eat something he'd cook. Then I'd walk back down and text Bella telling her we decieded to take a road trip and i invented places I supposevly was. Then 10 minutes later he'd come down and work out on this thing that looked like a boflex. Then he'd go up and take a shower. When he came back he'd bring his book and the newspaper for me. I usually read the comics they were funny and i needed to laugh.

The only times we'd talk was when i'd tell him to turn around becauseI needed to go bathroom. When it turned to nine he'd go upstairs get the 2 blow up matresses,two pillows, and twoblanets and he'd set them up.

For some reason today I was realy sleepy andI changed into the shorts and shirt Joey had let me borrow. I put my phone inbetween my pants and shirt then put my jacket on top. After that I knocked out.

~Joey's Pov~

I was upstairs waiting for Lili to finish getting changed. It usually took her about 10 minutes.

I finshed the glass of water I had served myself and made my way downstairs. By the time I got down there I noticed Lili had already fell asleep.

I wasn't going to take any chances so I stayed up untill 11. I was about to fall asleep when I heard a vibrate sound. I checked my iPhone but I had no messages. I heard it again. This time it was coming by where Lili's clothes were.

Thinking it as a bug or something I got up and went to look. I picked up her jacket and shook it. No bug came out. I picked up the shirt that had been under the jacket. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

She had a sideKick this whole time.I didn't mean to look through her messages. I swear. I don't even know how to work the phone.

I ended upopening a message from Bella.

From: Bella

Hey I Know it's barely 11, I don't know at what time you might get this message considering that your on theroad. I Know I already told you but Sean, the Baby, and Me wanted to wish you a happy 18th birthday, We love you, and we miss you. Hope you come back soon from your vacations.

Love your sister Bella

Fri, Jul 2, 11:57PM

Great Not only was I a jerk for kidnapping her, but I did it on the week of her birthday. Might as well give me the prize for AssHole of the year.

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