I'm Kidnapped and I think I like it Ch.1

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I was listening to music and "day dreaming" and i came up with this story. It's the first story I've written please tell me what you think. Sorry if it's bad.


I woke up but didn't open my eyes, instead I let my dream play once more. I was standing outside of my house, well actually Ann's house but I like to call her Wicked Ann but that's a different story, I felt something hit my neck. It felt as if it was a needle being stuck into my neck. Then I collapsed and I felt my head hit a rock.

I then opened my eyes and that's when i realized it wasn't a dream. I was in a white room, I'd never seen this room at Ann's house, I was sitting on a chair my hands where behind me and they were handcuffed. I was surprised that my mouth wasn't duct taped or had a bandanna around it.

I know Wicked Ann is mean, but has she gone to the extreme to tie me up in a room. Which is probably in a room she keep all her witch things. Although I've never even seen her touch a broom or pan. Still is her hatred towards me so big that she would put me in this room. Or was this a joke someone was playing on me because my birthday was coming up.

When I looked around, what my neck let me turn to see, I saw a sink, I know of all things I saw a sink. Then I turned to the other side and saw what I hadn't thought could be possible.


Sorry it's short but I don't want to give out a lot

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