•Chapter 1•

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Beepbeep, beepbeep. Uhgg, that awful sound of my alarm echoes through my room. If I hate something, it is definitely that sound. Beepbeep, beepbeep. After it fills my room one more time with it crying sound, I turn it off. I sleepily grab my phone and sit up straight. I go through my daily routine, when my mother is calling me for breakfast. 

'Coming!' I yell back and eventually get out of bed. I dress myself in a black top with long white pants. I put on my Adidas shoes and Gucci belt. I'm not extremely chic or expensive for that matter, but I do like fashion. I also put on my necklace, earrings, two rings and a simple bracelet. 

I can finish making myself ready later, because I need food now

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I can finish making myself ready later, because I need food now. Today is the day. If you're wondering why today is the day, here's the explanation. I'm going to England to audition for the x Factor UK. I am super excited about going, but I'm also really nervous. I still can't believe my parents agreed to go. I continue my walk down the stairs and join my parents at the table. 

'Good morning dear.' says mom immediately when she sees me.

'Morning pumpkin.' says my dad with a smile on his face.

I smile back to them. 'Hii.' I grab a slice of bread and look for the butter on the table. 'Can I have the butter?'

'Are you nervous already?' asks my mom when she hands me the butter.

'Duh, but it will take a while before we're there.' I say, nodding my head and finish my sandwich.

We chat some more while we eat and all head upstairs. I walk into my room and grab the last things I need for my trip. 'Let's see.. Clothes, many, many clothes, check. Bathroom stuff, check. Phone, iPod, laptop and their chargers, check. Keys, check. Earphones and headphone, check. Alright, I'm ready to go.' I grab a black jacket and my black purse, and put their all my 'essentials' in. 'Here we go.' I say and take a deep breath, before lifting my very heavy suitcase off the ground and try to walk with it down the stairs. Let me just tell you, I am quite surprise I didn't die during that attempt, because it went very wrong.

Once I'm downstairs, I give my suitcase to my dad and he tries to get it into the trunk. 

'Ready?' asks my mom, while she examines my face.

'Always mom.' I say with a face that screams confidence and pain from trying to get that suitcase downstairs. 

She smiles at me. 'Good.'

We walk outside and get into the car. My dad joins us after a few minutes and starts driving. I look at our home, which becomes smaller and smaller. I don't know for how long I'll be away, but I will most definitely miss it. I sigh softly and sit back straight. 

My parents are talking about something, while I'm sitting alone in the back. It's times like these when I wish I had a brother or sister. Being the only child has its benefits, but it sure has downsides. 

Eventually, I give up trying to tune in on my parents' conversation. I grab my iPod and earphones and listen to some music.


When we finally arrive, my dad parks the car and we get out. I look up to the airport, it's so big. My dad is getting our suitcases out of the trunk and passes them to us. We walk inside and go to the correct gate. At the gate, there are people screaming and yelling everywhere. I look confused to my parents and then back at the crowd of people before us.

'Excuse me, what's going on here?' asks my mom politely to one of the yelling people.

The man turns around frustrated and takes a few deep breathes. 'All flights to England are cancelled.'

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