A Light in the Dark // Flicker Series Part I by samikins16
A Light in the Dark // Flicker samikins16
Coming Soon // Setting off in a world all his own after anchoring his career as part of the worlds biggest boy band, Niall Horan finds inspiration for his debut album in...
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If You Let Me Know... [N.H.] by hotel-californiall
If You Let Me Know... [N.H.]by GiJi.
Sequel to If I Let You Know... It's a completely different story and you can read it without having read the previous one (although you'll be able to understand some thi...
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Risk It All [n.h.] by cryingforobrien
Risk It All [n.h.]by R a e
"Something's telling me that you're the one." From laughter to love to heartbreak, the summer before their first year of college is one that Vienna, Niall and...
  • onedirectionfanfic
  • drama
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Unwritten [ A Niall Horan AU ] by stylishmuser
Unwritten [ A Niall Horan AU ]by stylishmuser
The only thing keeping Neha Khanna together is the book shop she owns and the romance novels she loses herself in. Niall Horan, on the hand, is a cocky investment banke...
  • 1directionfanfic
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Finding Niall by JenYarrington
Finding Niallby Jen Yarrington
Niall Horan is gone. MIA. Absent. Lost. He vanished into thin air without a word to the bride he left at the altar, his family, or his best friend Maeghan, who embarks o...
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Thirty Days in Heaven - Niall Horan Fanfiction by amxzemee
Thirty Days in Heaven - Niall amxzemee
Meg wins the chance to spend thirty days alone with Niall Horan, and he takes her on a holiday she'll never forget. He gives her three wishes, what are they? He asks for...
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More Than This (A Niall Horan Fan Fiction) by twosecondsquared
More Than This (A Niall Horan yana;
Bestfriends? That's what they are. Bestfriends? That's what they're always going to be. But can they ever be more than that? ------------------------- © MYME | twosecond...
  • friendzoned
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FOREVER [Niall Horan] by AnnoynymousAnn
FOREVER [Niall Horan]by Ann Van
"Marry me?" He simply asked me in front of my parents. "Of Course, she will." My dad replied. And I wasn't even given a choice.
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Before You Leave Me by hotel-californiall
Before You Leave Meby GiJi.
The 3rd and last story of the IILYK series. All you thought you knew. All the things you didn't. From Dan's POV.
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Dorm Room // Niall Horan by glorios
Dorm Room // Niall Horanby Gloria
Madison has finally made it to the university of her dreams. But as a new student moves into her residence building, will he become a beneficial part of her life or will...
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Walking in the Wind [ON HOLD] by hotel-californiall
Walking in the Wind [ON HOLD]by GiJi.
One Accident. One Direction. One Band. One Dream.
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Dark Secrets (Narry Fanfiction) by HipstaHazza14
Dark Secrets (Narry Fanfiction)by HipstaHazza14
(Another Narry Fan fiction) Harry and Niall are 15 and go to the same school. Niall never knew Harry, but Harry knew Niall. One day, Niall unexpectedly meets Harry and f...
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Parents  by mripley06
Parents by mripley06
This is part 2 of "What a discovery" Hope you enjoy the story This book is about how Niall Horan and Claire have a child and get married no not quite yet hav...
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On The Loose | Niall Horan AU by FlowerKidHoran
On The Loose | Niall Horan AUby bee
"Broke one rule and now he's on the loose." Niall Horan and Valerie Crimson are the best agents in their agency and were given a mission almost impossible to a...
  • alternateuniverse
  • adventure
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Just A Fangirl. by ashleyxanonymous
Just A ash
Hi! My Name's Zoella Schimdt I was adopted by my step mum Lilianne and i have a 10 year old sister Monique who is been a big fan of One Direction Today, i saw her watchi...
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Decided [Niall Horan] by in-paper-dreams
Decided [Niall Horan]by in-paper-dreams
Niall realizes he can't ignore his feelings anymore.
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Complicated NH by niallfck
Complicated NHby Kia
"So you're a sex addict?" I asked "I don't know if you would call it that" he looked around the room shaking his head slightly "Then what woul...
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Boss by xundeterminedxx
Bossby a l i c e
we were connected all this time.
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If I Let You Know... [N.H.] by hotel-californiall
If I Let You Know... [N.H.]by GiJi.
If I told you this story begins with a contract to be one of the members of One Direction's girlfriend, you probably wouldn't even press the 'Read' button. I wouldn't do...
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  • onedirectionfanfiction
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On the Loose // N.H fanfiction by Niallhrrns
On the Loose // N.H fanfictionby niallhrrns
Giving up always seems like the easy way to go. Running away, being on the loose was the only option for Ellie. She needed to run. From what..or from who?? Niall felt s...
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