Chapter 40

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Sunday morning taught me a lesson: Zac and I had to be much more careful. One more slip-up and we might get grounded, there might not even be a wedding. The way Zac was talking to me at the river, it was a wake-up call that what we had wasn't normal. At first, it was fun sneaking around all the time, but now it feels like we were running off love and laughing, and our time is running short.


"Does Zac know?" Luisa asked, we sat alone at a table in the mall food court. She was enjoying her taquitos, I was picking at my chow mein.

"Of course he does, it's bothering him more than anything. His test scores are in shambles, his father is disappointed in him, I don't know what to do." I replied.

"That's just the thing, sweetie. You can't. There are some things in life that we have no power over." she said.

"You have power over your relationship with Michael. Why shouldn't I have power over mine with Zac?" I asked her.

"Because your relationship is made up from two broken hearts, and you just happened to fix yours upon their good fortune." she said.

"How is it that you can be so philosphical yet incredibly good-looking?" I asked her.

"It comes with the package of being special. So, what're you gonna do?" she asked.

"I have no idea. Our parents wanna take us on their honeymoon to Hawaii. They're so happy, I don't want to spoil everything." I told her.

"Dani, you won't. But you'll have to give yourself up eventually, because anymore close calls like last weekend, you're practically toast." she said.

"I'm gonna rephrase that question I asked you earlier: how is that you can be so philophical yet incredibly not helpful?" I asked with a smug smile.

"Hey, I'm trying to help, don't attack the messenger." she replied.

"Yeah, yeah, messenger."


There was another football game up this weekend, and the cheerleaders were back out on the field; with the blue lipstick and gold eyeliner. My hair was tied back into a high ponytail with little curls dangling about, and a little blue bow holding it together. This game wasn't like the last one, as it was terrible. We were getting destroyed! I was ashamed to call ourselves proud Cobras.

"Twenty bucks says we lose this game by a long shot." I said to Luisa.

"Thirty bucks we forefeit." she said. That seemed like a plausible end.

"Alright ladies and gents! Huddle up!" Sandy shouted. She was trying to save our dignity by pumping not only the Havenhurst's spirits, but also ours. Luisa and I rolled our eyes and we dragged ourselves towards the group huddle.

"I know our chances are grim, but we still should get this crowd pepped up! Maybe-maybe if we did another cheer they'll try and motivate our players and-"

"Holy shit! Give it up Sandy! You're pep cheers aren't doing crap." I told her. Everybody snapped their attention towards me, absolutely shocked at what I said. I was just so tired of being talked down and doing what she says.

"I beg your pardon?" she asked, a sour look on her face as she became offended.

"You're talks, cheers, and peps aren't doing squat for this crowd! Or this team! If we want to win, we're gonna have to spice it up a bit." I told her.

"Is that so? Then what do you suggest, Moose Girl?" she asked.

"One, my name is Dani; and two, I have an idea." I said.

"You want to paint the Canadian flag on our uniforms?" Lucas asked with a snotty tone.

"How 'bout you shut the fuck up and listen?" Luisa suggested. He remained quiet for the rest of the huddle.

"Alright then, this is what we have to do..."


I caught Zac outside of the concession stand while the game was called for a timeout; and I dragged him into the janitor's closet.

"Evening, we need to talk." I told him.

"We got three minutes before that game starts up, that is not enough time for breed." he said.

"What?" I asked.

"That's another code name for sex. I really gotta educate you in all this." he replied.

"Pass, I need a favor." I said.


"I need you and Michael and break into the box office's PA system and plug this into the sound speaker." I handed him my ipod with the chosen song.

"What's this for?" he asked.

"We are losing this game, and we need a way to get everybody else motivated. If we're motivated, then the crowd will be motivated, which will result in the team being motivated and we may have a shot at redemption. This is what I call a chain reaction." I explained. He looked down at the song, than back at me.

"You realise that if we get caught, we're practically done for, right?" he asked.

"Which is why I'm employing the most skilled track runner I know, and his bestfriend. Please? For me?" I begged him. Zac sighed, then nodded.

"Alright, when the timeout's called off, we'll have ten minutes to set up the speakers. We'll play it at half time." he replied.

"Thank you so, so, much!" I wrapped my arms around his neck and gave him a kiss. It was nothing, really just a short peck, but it seemed to satisfy him for what he needed.

"I should do you favors more often." he smirked.

"Zac! We don't have a lot of time." I said as I pulled him out of the closet.

"Right, and if anybody asks?" he asked.

"Uh...stomach ache. Really bad diarrhea from the hotdogs." I suggested.

"I'm not comfortable with that excuse." he told me.

"Just go!" I said. Zac turned on his heels and bolted down the hall and around the corner. "Be careful! And I'm talking to air, which is weird. I'm still doing it, God."

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