Chapter 10

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Zac wasn't at school today.

Now usually, you'd think that means my life is great, right?


I'd rather have Zac around, being annoying and chasing after the next unsuspecting girl.

It was the oddest thing, he got on the bus, I never saw him get off.

Unwanted images started flashing in my head, making me wonder what he was up to. Was it good or bad? Where was he?

"Is it me or us everyone staring at us?" I asked Luisa.

"Dani, I think they're looking at you." she replied.

"What? Why?" I asked.

"I don't know, did you do something wrong?" she asked.

"Of course not."

"Than I got nothing." she said. All of the sudden, a girl, maybe in her sophmore year, came up to me in a perky manor.

"Hey Dani! Can't wait for the party next week!" she grinned, the scampered away.

"You're having a party? Since when?" Luisa asked.

"Since never! What is going on? I mean, first Zac doesn't show up, now I'm being stared down my strangers!" I replied.

"Bitch alert! Bitch alert!" she whispered. And to make matters worse? Sandy decided to come our way.

"So Moose Girl, decided being on the cheer squad wasn't good enough for you, so now you're throwing a party?" she asked.

"Sandy I really don't know anything about a party!" I told her.

"Oh please, the whole school is talking about it, when Trenway and Nelson hold a party, people show up." she sneered.

"I'm serious, I have no idea what you're talking about." I said.

"She's telling the truth!" Luisa piped up.

"Just to let you know Moose Girl, the only reason I'll be going to you skaggy party is because I Zac will be there." she said, then strutted away, her posey following.

"Trenway and Nelson? Whose Nelson?" I asked.

"That was be Zac's bestfriend, Michael Nelson. Something tells me they're holding a party next weekend." she replied. Party? Next weekend? Next weekend is Halloween!

"Oh no."


I barged into the penthouse later that day, throwing my stuff onto the couch and making my way to Zac's room, stomping past my mom.

"Hey was school today?" she asked.

"Eventful!" I snapped, heading for the door.

"Zac!" I started pounding on the door. "Open the door!" I shouted.

"What! What do you want?" he asked.

"Would you just open the fucking door!" I shouted.

"Well, someone had a good day." he chuckled.

"Zac!" I was starting to get frustrated.

"Hey!" my mom shouted, "I got to go back to work! Don't kill each other while I'm gone!"

"Don't worry! I'll throw the corpse in the Hudson river so you won't have to look at it!" I shouted back.

"My god..." I heard her mutter before the elevator dinged.

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