Chapter 6

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'The second week is never as bad as the first'. Whoever said that deserved a slap to the face, because it was awful. Why? Because it basically consists of pom poms, a boy, and an ice cream sundae...


I was standing on the field, facing the rest of cheerleading squad. They were dressed in their loose v-neck t-shirts and tight black yoga shorts, just like I was. Their hair were tied up in high ponytails, in their hands were green and yellow pom poms.

My confidence level was pretty high, hoping to impress these girls enough so they would let me on their team. Sandy was the first to notice me, and as soon as she did. She turned her nose up and scowled.

"Tryouts were on the weekend moose girl, you missed it." she sneered.

"Well I'm sorry I missed out, I was hoping to try out anyway." I replied.

"And why should we give you special treatment?" she asked.

"How about the fact that I'm good?" I suggested.

"She is!" Luisa piped in. "She's got them moves like Jagger."

Sandy groaned and turned to the rest of the girls. "Anybody here have anything against moose girl here trying out?" she asked them. No one responded, they just looked at each other and shrugged. "Fine, let's see what you got moose girl." she said, throwing me a pair of pom poms.

I caught them easily, then smoothed out my shirt accordingly. There was no fucking way I was going to let this bitch get me down on my second week of school.

"What should she do ladies?" she called to the squad.

"One-handed cartwheel!" someone suggested. That was easy. I did the one-handed cartwheel, first to my right, then my left, just to prove I could do it in both directions.

"Back flip!"

Wow, this was gonna be easy.

I did a back flip easy, this was going to be a piece of cake.

"Handstand!" my handstand lasted for twenty seconds, then I leaned forward and landed in a bridge, then back up.

"Front handspring!" Sandy shouted.

I did a triple front handspring, landing with a full, before pulling a triple back handspring, also landing in a full.

Sandy was tuned red, practicallt seething. She really didn't want me on this team. "Cartwheel, quatruple back handspring, end with full. Then front handspring, ending with the splits!" she nearly screamed.

I started with a running start. Cartwheel, triple backhand, end with full. Front handspring, with a full, and ended in open-legs splits. I looked up at Sandy and grinned. "I also do left legged and middle splits, FYI." I said.

"Well," Luisa said, "All in favor of Dani joining the team?" she asked. All the girls raised their hands and shouted 'I!', all except for Sandy, who was practically seething. I stood up proudly, dusting off my shorts from grass and dirt.

"Alright moose girl, you're in. How would you like to be second-head cheerleader?" Sandy asked, after she took a large breathe. Her offer sounded wonderful, but there was always a catch.

"What's the catch?" I asked.

"How good of a flyer are you?" she asked. Flyer? Oh, I'm okay.

"Eh, sixty forty." I replied.

"Lucas!" she shouted. "You, Paul, and Brad have to be her catchers!" three boys, all well muscled and very good looking, stepped forward. "If you can be a flyer moose girl, you can be second-in-command. If not, consider yourself the bottom of the pyramid." Sandy told me. I looked to my right, and saw a group of boys watching us, wearing shorts and t shirts with the school's logo on them. I recognized Zac right away; he was on the track team. He noticed me looking at him and gave me a thumbs up.

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