Chapter 47

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St. Patrick's Cathedral was packed with guests, most I recognized from family functions, others whom were unfamiliar to me; Howard's business associates I assumed. There were glasses of champagne set up by the entrance, with a beautiful introductory letter in written in fancy caligraphy. The chattering was loud, and made my knees quiver with anticipation. Howard and Zac were up front with Father Coulter, greeting guests while waiting for the ceremony to start.

"It's a full house mom," I told my mother. She looked exquisite in her flowing white gown, a tiara on her head and...well what else can I say? Everything about her was perfection.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so nervous. Is that strange? Because this is my second marriage and I shouldn't have to be nervous because I've done this before. But I can't help but feel like I'm going to either throw up or I'm gonna pass out any second or-"

"Mom!" I grabbed her by the shoulders so she would stop rambling. "You look fantastic, like a dream. Everybody came here today to see you and Howard get the happy ending that you both deserve. And just think, in less than 48 hours, we're gonna be landing in Honolulu. We're getting mai tais!" I sang.

"Uh correction, I am getting mai tais, you're having pina pina coladas." she told me.

"God, even on your wedding you're a buzz kill." I joked. She shot me a flat look, then the piano started to play.

"You ready?" I asked her.

"Sweetie, I've been ready for a year. We're finally getting our happy ending." she replied. We were about to make our way to the aisle, when I stopped her.

"Wait," I unclipped the necklace she gave me, and put it around her neck.

"There, now you have blue nails, a new dress, your mom's old wedding crown, and my borrowed necklace. Now I can walk you down the aisle." I said. She just laughed as she linked arms, heading into the hallway. We were stopped again though, but this time by another man.

My dad.

"Dad?" I was surprised to see him, in a tuxedo, and looking very nice.

"What're you doing here, Lewis?" mom asked him.

"Well...about two weeks ago, I got a call from a corporate lawyer, inviting me to his wedding. I figured it would be polite to walk my beautiful ex down the aisle. Just a sign of respect." he replied. Mom and I looked at each other, smiling in approval.

"I guess I'll be leading the wedding party." I said. We approached the red carpet set out for us, not being stopped this time. I held my own bouquet of white petunias as the song 'At Last' by Cyndi Lauper started to play through the speaker. All eyes were on me, marvelling at the way I looked. Luisa and Michael were in the crowd, smiling and trying not to show their over excitement. Sandy was there too, looking very presentable in a simple indigo purple dress and her hair down, straight and pinned to the side. She gave me a small wave, and mouthed 'Congradulations' as I walked past. I thanked her with a discreet nod, trying not to trip or fumble as I continued walking.

I reached the alter in a matter of seconds, and the boys couldn't keep the grins off their faces. Zac was eyeing me up and down, looking very proud, and at the same time...humbled. Howard bowed his head for me. It was a sign of respect, his way of saying 'Thank you' for letting my mother marry him. It wasn't me he should be thanking though,

Mom and Dad met at the end of the aisle, linked arms, and started coming towards us. She looked so beautiful, and happy. Dad had tears welling up in his eyes, not just at mom, but at me as well. He was proud of his two girls, even though we weren't his anymore. But in a way, we would always be his wife and daughter, and I finally understood that he had made the right choice.

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