Chapter 2

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The hour and forty five minute flight seemed to fly by, especially because I was plugged into my ipod with The Cab on full blast, while my mom was watching The Other Woman on her ipad. This was just overly depressing, I always pictured my first trip to New York more exciting than this.

After we landed and gathered our belongings from the over hang carriers, we were making our way through JFK airport. When you looked out the window, you could see the skyscrapers that set the Manhattan skyline. I couldn't wait to get to the big city. 

As soon as we got through the gates to the pick-up section, there was a man dressed in a tuxedo and a cap, and he had our name written on little whiteboard. Next to him stood the man himself, Howard Trenway. My mom greeted him with a hug and a kiss, a passionate one at that. I was just standing to the side with my suitcase, feeling extremely awkward. It took a minute before they pulled away and my mom pulled me over.

"Howard, you remember my daughter Daniella?" Howard smiled and shook my hand.

"Lovely to see you again Daniella." he said.

"Likewise sir." I replied.

"Please, call me Howard." fancy. Next to him stood a boy, who looked around my age, with brown hair, wearing a red t-shirt and jeans. I think he was Howard's son? "And this is my son Zachary." the kid shook my hand while telling me to call him 'Zac'.


"How ya doin'."

"Well then, shall we go?" my mom asked Howard.

"We shall. Let's go home kids." he said and took my mom's suitcase. I gotta say, I now see why my mom fell in love with this guy.

The drive to Manhattan took about an hour. My mom and Howard sat up front in the SUV, while Zac and I had to sit in the back. It's not like we talked, I just continued listening to my music, while Zac stared boredly out the window. Living here his whole life, he actually could become unimpressed with the wonders of New York.


After an hour, we reached a high-class apartment building smack in the middle of Manhattan, and across the street from Central Park. Howard and Zac helped us unload our things and they led us to the elevator. Howard pressed the top thirty fifth floor. Based on looks alone, I had quite a few estimates of how much it would cost to live in a place like this.

As soon as we hit the thirty fifth floor, the doors opened into a living room space. That was definetely fancy. The living room had dark brown hardwood floor boards, with black and white shag rugs to cover them. There was a rug at the door of the elevator, and a large one under the couch and coffee table. The windows touched the floor and ended at the celing, and showed an incredible view of the city. There was a large flatscreen that hung on the wall, and over it was an abstract looked like a foot with seven toes and butterfly wings.

"Hold on, hold on. Let's do this properly." Howard picked up my mother like she was a bride and carried her into the threshold. Zac and I looked at each other and rolled our eyes. Parents.

"Dad, while it's incredibly moving to watch you and your fiancé be in love and all that, we should really get the Laveks settled in. ." Zac told his father, and I frankly couldn't agree more. Howard tore his gaze from my mother put her down, clearing his throat and fixing his collar.

"Couldn't agree more son, let me show you to your room madamé." he said and took my mother's suitcase.

"Why thank you kind sir." she replied, letting Howard lead her to their bedroom. I got a feeling I'm going to be hearing quite a lot of bed squeaking tonight, if you get my drift.

"If there's one thing more discomforting than talking to your parents about love, it's watching them be in love." I said when they were out of earshot.

"I second that. Come on, I'll show you to your room." Zac said whilst grabbing my suitcase. I slung my little duffel bag over my shoulder and followed him through the large apartment. We came to a room that, let's just say didn't look like it was meant for a teenage girl like moí.

"It's uh...nice." I said as I looked around. The walls were a light beige color, and had not very soft carpeting on the floor. There was also a desk, a bookshelf, and a medium sized closet. The bed (and this includes blankets, pillows, and sheets) were all blue, green and red. Not exactly what I had in mind, but I didn't wanna hurt anyone's feelings.

"Yeah, it's also mine." he said. Oh, awkward moment. Wait, then where's my room? "This is your room." Zac pulled on a chord that was hanging from the celing, and down came a little staircase. One that would lead to an attic.

"My bedroom is in an attic?" I asked.

"Yes, my multi-billionaire father would let his fiancé's daughter sleep in an attic. Your room is up there." he said. I bit the inside of my cheek while carefully climbing the staircase. What I saw was more to my liking.

The room had purple walls, and a white shag rug. There was a desk with a set up Mac desktop, and a closet fit for all my clothes. My bed had a white blanket over it, and purple pillows, next to the bed was a silver bedside table and a purple lamp, and on the other side was a white arm chair with a silk purple pillow. To top it all off, there was a large floor-to-celing window that revealed the entire skyline of Manhattan.

"How's it suit you?" Zac asked when he came up.

"This has to be twice the size of my old bedroom. Your dad didn't have to do this." I replied.

"He wanted to make a good impression on his future step-daughter." he said.

"Impression made. I guess my mom told him my favorite color is purple." I said.

"I see it is. I uh...I hope you enjoy your stay here at The Trenway Hotel." he joked.

"I hope I will. Thanks Zac." 

"Antyime. By the way, I have to warn you." he said.

"About what?"

"Our parent's room is down the hall, and there might be a noise issue tonight." oh boy, saw that coming.

"Well, you may get an unexpected visitor while you sleep tonight." I said.

"Noted. Welcome Home Dani."

"Thanks Zac."

Time for hours and hours of unpacking.

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