Chapter 20

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Tonight was the first football game for Havenhurst. It was us Cobras against the RueVille Leopards. We cheerleaders were dressed in our blue, white, and yellow uniforms with a thin white, long sleeve shirt underneath. I had my hair tied up in a high ponytail and blue bow wrapped around it, my pom poms sat neatly in my bag, plastic threads tasstled and knotted here and there. Sandy had the female cheerleaders put on blue lipstick and gold eyeliner, because apparently out short skirts didn't make us stand out enough.

"Team meeting ladies!" Sandy shouted through the locker rooms. We all stopped our current taskes, whether is was applying our make up or tieing our sneakers, and joining Sandy in the middle of the room.

"Tonight is our first game, we go out there and give it our all or forget about it! That crowd come out to see a show and we're going to give them one. Understand?" she asked us. We all murmered our agreements, then I felt Lucas' hand slip into mine. His compassion gave me comfort; he knew I was nervous. This was my first game after all.

"Alright, team cheer. Let's go." we all put our hands in the middle and recited our team cheer.

"Do we rock?"

"Yeah, Yeah!"

"Take it to the top?"

"Yeah, Yeah"

"Are we gonna stop?"

"No way! Go Cobras!


The bleachers were packed with screaming fans, some for the Cobras, others for the Leopards. Maybe ten rows from the front, I spotted my mom and Howard waving at me. Zac was nowhere to be seen, big shocker. The teams filed out from opposing sides, taking their positions before the mid-way line. "Ready! Set!"

The whistle blew, captain took the football and threw it to the player behind him. Both teams started shoving each other, tackles and sacks were made, the ball kept on flying through the air. I honestly didn't find this very interesting at all, which was why I was pretending to have a good time as I bounced about with the other cheerleaders, cheering and shouting for the team. I didn't see what the big achievement would be out of this: all you got out of a football game would be some plastic cup and words typed and sown onto a large tapestry to hang in the school foyer.

My eyes wondered through the crowd until they fell on two very familiar boys: Zac and Michael. They were three rowas back on the bleachers, bundled up in warm jacket and hand shoved deep into their pockets. I was beginning to wish I was up there, all warm and possibly sipping a hot chocolate. I was freezing my ass off down here!

"Dani?" Luisa started shaking my shoulder, trying to get me to snap out of my thoughts. "It's time for the half-time show." she said. I looked up at the scoreboard and realised we were tied with the Leopards. There were two periods left, which meant it was time for the our show.

The school band marched into the center of the field and started performing a medley of Michael Jackson songs. The band was mostley made up of sophomores; most were lanky with a mouth full of braces. Obviously, they wanted to be a part of the team without having to wear little uniforms or ram yourself into 200 pound teenage boys. Then after the band, was our turn to demonstrate our routine.



"Come on crowd get ready!'Cus we have just begun to prove to you once againwhy we are number one! Yellow is our strengthand Blue is our spirit!White is our powerGet on your feet, let's hear it!Yellow-go!Blue-fight!White-win!Put it all together you getGo, fight, win!Go, fight, win!"

These cheers always feel so overused and cheesy. I could probably write a better cheer, if I wasn't so lazy I mean.


The game continued on, we were tied with the Leopards 13:13, next point would win as we were down to ten seconds on the clock. I was secretly playing Flappy Bird on my phone, hiding it under my leg so nobody (IE: Sandy) would notice. I'm already on the bottom of the pyramid, I'm not in the mood to be on clean up duty too. My game was however suddenly interrupted when a text popped up.

From: Zac

U look as excited as a dead cat

Well, isn't he lovely?

What the hell is it with u and dead things?

I saw a bird get killed by a cat on my school trip to New Jersey ;)

Well...I'm sure it was a fun trip

R u bored?

Is the pope catholic?

I'm very sorry. We can go to a party after.

O.o after the freak of nature that happened @ that halloween party? No thx

This will be more fun, I won't fight w/ anyone, promise

How come I don't believe u?

I promise 2 be good.

Whatever you say Trenway... :/

We should probably stop texting now.


Because Cobras just scored...we won.


Sure enough, I looked up, and saw the Cobra celebrating, lifting one of the players and carrying him around. We won the game!

"Dani! We won!" Luisa pulled me onto my feet and we started jumping around and cheering, waving our pom poms around. We won our first football game for the year!

My celebrating ceased when I looked passed Luisa's shoulder and saw Lucas celebrating with Sandy. He was hugging her tight while she pumped her fists in the air. I would've thought Lucas would be cheering with me? Apparently not though, he seems to prefer hugging the tiny waist that belongs to Sandy Lawrence.

Why do good things have to turn to bad situations?

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