Chapter 29

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Kleinfeld's Bridal shop had to have been the biggest bridal store I had ever seen. The biggest bridal store in Stratford was a place called One Day Princess, which was only about the size of a McDonalds in a shopping mall.

I had already found the perfect bridesmaid dress. It was short, in a nice coral/peach color. It went great with the nude heels my mom was going to have me wear. As I looked myself over in the mirror, I couldn't help but admire how great I actually looked in a dress. I don't have a lot of dresses, I'm more of a skirts and jeans person. But I think after this, I'm going to start appreciating dresses more.

Mom was in the changing room with the bridal consultant, while I was forced to sit out here and wait. I usually don't mind waiting, but this time it's different. My mom is getting married...again! And this time, it'll be much better because she has me, her seventeen year old daughter, telling her whether it's a 'yay' or 'nay' on the dress.

 "Look at you Ms. Maid of Honor." I looked up, surprised to see Luisa smiling at me.

"Hey, what're you doing here?" I asked her.

"Sweetie, you and your mom are here getting dresses for her wedding. Besides, since she's in the changing room, I thought this would be a great time to dish on your secret live-in boyfriend." she replied as she sat down.

"Okay, you can't just pop out of no where wanting to talk about Zac." I told her. "For all we know my mom could be listening."

"Relax, I want to hear more about this secret make-out session you two had in the closet at Christmas." she said.

"What, haven't you made out with guys before?" I asked her.

"Well yeah, but you've only had one boyfriend before, and the one before Zac was playing you for reasons unknown." she replied.

"Well, pérdon mí. How was I supposed to know that idiot was a womanizer?" I said.

 "Speaking of the idiot, are you going to quit the cheer team?" she asked me.

"Why would I?" I asked her.

"Because the idiot's going to be there." she replied.

"Nah, I shouldn't give up what I love because my ex-boyfriend will be there." I said.

"That's the spirit! Now listen, I went and made early reservations for you, your mother, and me at the nail parlour for 11 o'clock, then we got a hair appointment at 2, that should give us plenty of time to-"

"Woah, woah, woah, slow down Perrison. When are these reservations?" I asked her.

"The day before the big wedding." she replied casually. What?

"Are you kidding me?" I asked.

"No. I thought I'd do you and your mom a favor and check one other thing off her list. Besides, a bride can't get married with bare nails and helmet hair." she replied.

"Aw, thank you so much! Mom is going to love it!" I told her, throwing my arms around her in a tight hug.

"You're welcome sweetie. What color do you want the polish? It's half off if we all get the same color." she said.

"'s tradition for the bride and bridesmaids to get the same color after all. We're thinking baby blue; you know, so it'll go with the old wives tale?" I said.

"Oh yeah, how did it go again?" she asked.

"Something old, something new..."

"Something borrowed, something blue. That's it." she finished.

"Mmm-hmm." the curtain to the changing room was suddenly swept back by the bridal consultant as she stepped out. Her name was Natasha, she looked to be in her late thirties. She was a short, plump and chubby young woman, with dirty blonde hair tied up in a sock bun. She had on a long purple maxi skirt and black blouse and sweater over top, complimenting her fair skin.

"Alright Ms. Lavek, you ready to see your mother?" she asked me.

"Yes! Let's go!." I replied. Luisa clapped her hands excitedly, then stopped and quickly pulled out her phone.

"What're you doing?" I asked her.

"Hold on..."

"Alright Trinity! Come on out!" Natasha said. Luisa tapped a button on her phone, and music started playing. Not just any music, wedding music. You know, 'Here comes the Bride! All dressed in white...!'

Mom peeked out of the changing room, then pulled up the skirt of her dress and walked into the middle of the room. We started applauding her as she stepped onto the carpetted podium, then doing a little twirl. Her dress was gorgeous! It was a mermaid style, with lace on the top bodice. It complimented her figure perfectly, and the skirt was flowing in a perfect circle. She looked like a princess!

"Oh my God! Mom, you look amazing!" I stood up from the ottoman and took her hands in my own, admiring her beauty.

"You look exquisite Ms Lavek!" Luisa piped in.

"Thank you baby. You know, I feel twenty years younger in this dress." she said.

"Oh come on, you look beautiful. Howard is going to love it." I said.

"But remember, it's bad luck to see the bride before the wedding!" Luisa exclaimed.

"We know that, but nothing of that sort shall happen." I replied. "But back to the point, we need to find you a veil!" I told mom.

"Trinity we have just the thing! Follow me!" Natasha said. I watched happily as my mom let the bridal consultant lead her deeper into the store, looking for veils and any other trinkets they could find.

"I haven't seen my mom this happy since she got her major in law." I said.

"She looks amazing! You both do." Luisa said.

"Thanks, do you think Zac will like it?" I asked her, doing a little twirl in my short dress.

"Sweetie, you look like you belong on the cover of some magazine which I cannot seem to think of right now. But anyway," she giggled, "Zac is going to love it. I bet he looks hot in a tux."

"He's reluctant to wearing it, he's trying to talk his dad into letting him wear a red tie instead of bow around his neck." I told her.

"Yup, that sounds like Zac." she agreed.

"Thank you so much, Luisa." I said.

"For agreeing with you?" she asked.

"No! For being there when I needed you! You're the first person who I can actually call a friend. You stuck by me, even when I was incredibly stupid, and I can't ask for more than that from anybody. You're my bestfriend." I replied. She sighed, smiling her kind, warm smile.

"Aw sweetie, you're my bestie too." she said. We hugged each other, then my mind leapt to everything she's done for me. Looking back now, Luisa is like a sister to me. We're never apart, and I love her for that. God made us friends because no mother would be able to handle us as sisters.

She's my bestfriend.

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