Chapter 21

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"Dani. Dani wake up." why was this idiot waking me up on a Monday morning?

"Mmm, Zac go away." I slurred in my sleepy tone.

"Dani, wake up or I'll pick you up, carry you downstairs, and throw you in the pool." he said. A groan purred through my lips as I rolled over and looked up at the six foot something boy that stood before me.

"Why are you making me wake up? I got an alarm clock for that, you know?" I asked him.

"Don't care. Get dressed, pick out something warm 'cause it's cold outside." he said.

"I know what I have to wear, a dumb uniform." I replied, sitting up and then yawning.

"Not today, we are ditching school." he said, then going over to my window and opening the curtains.

"Are you crazy? Do you understand how much trouble we're going to be in if the school finds out? God forbid our parents!" I told him.

"When are you going to learn to stop arguing with me and just go with the flow of things?" he asked.

"That's going to be the day when I move out and go to Oxford." I replied.

"Oxford, shmoxford. Everyone ditches every now and again, besides, you only have one senior year. You should take advantage of all the experiences that it has to offer." he said. I rolled my eyes.

"If I agree to this will it make you shut up and get out of my room?" I asked him.

"...Yes." he replied after several seconds.

"Fine. Get out." I grabbed one of my shoes off the floor and threw it at his head. He ducked though and the shoe ended up hitting the wall. That's probably going to leave a mark on the paint.

"Five minutes." he said before running out the door, thoughts? Oh my God.

I rolled out of bed and stripped off my pajamas, than threw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I brushed my hair, did my make-up, then grabbed my converse and made a mad dash for the lobby. Zac was standing there, tapping his foot against the floor.

"What took you so long?" he ased.

"Oh I'm sorry, I was only given five minutes to make this look good." I said, gesturing to myself.

"Whatever, let's roll." he said. I clenched my eyes shut as I stepped into the elevator, knowing how much trouble we were bound to get in. The elevator took us down to the parking garage, and there parked was Zac's little car, with the faded stain on the windshield.

"Ready?" Zac asked as we got in.

"My mother is going to murder me." I replied. He just laughed and started the ignition, and we quickly drove out of the garage and into the busy streets of Manhattan.


Nearly an hour later, we had arrived at Coney Island. It had to have been the biggest carnival I had ever seen, if only it was open though.

"I'm sorry that it's shut down." Zac said as we got out. "But, there is a nice boardwalk and market we can look at. If that's cool with you."

"You know this place better than I do. Impress me." I told him. Zan grabbed my hand and led me to the frosty boardwalk.

Sure, it was November, close to December; and snow was already piling up along the sidewalks, but the boardwalk was packed with people. There were markets all along the side, facing the beach with crashing waves. There were all sorts of delicious smells from cafes, shop keepers shouting into the crowds, selling their products, there were even men dressed as clowns and walking around on stilts. Zac took me to a little corner restuarant first; Nora's Cafe. And hanging by the door was a large chalk board with the daily special.

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