Chapter 17

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Friday was soon to come, and I found myself at around six in the evening while checking myself in the mirror. Luisa picked out my outfit: my white and black polka dot blouse, a lace skirt, and my black stilettos. I curled my hair all nice and neat, and topped it off with the necklace that mom gave me. I don't mean to boost my own ego, but I look damn good! When I walked into the living room, I got one gasp and a wolf whistle; the gasp from my mother and the whistle from (believe it or not) Howard!

"Dani you look amazing! Are those my shoes?" she asked.

"...No..." I replied. Okay, so I may've lied about the stilettos being mine, but they're cute and I like them!

Howard took my hands and looked me up and down. "Hold on a moment, are we sure we're in our own home honey?" he asked my mom. "Because I got a bit scared, I thought this lovely lady was Megan Fox." wow, now I see why my mom fell in love with him.

"She's going on a date dad, she's not a movie star." Zac groaned as he lay on the couch while channel surfing. I just rolled my eyes, he's been really different lately, and not a good different either. I think I like the old Zac better.

"Ignore him Dani, it's Friday night and Zac's bored." Howard told me.

"Right, anyway mom. Can I borrow your Burberry coat? The nice beige one that has the in pocket insulation?" I asked her, making my way to the closet.

"First my shoes, now my coat? You planning to kidnap my entire wardrobe?" she asked me.

"Just tonight? Please?" I said, putting on my cutest smile.

"Back of the closet to the right." she said and opened up her laptop.

"Thanks." I pulled the jacket off the hanger and slipped it on. "I should be back around ten." I said.

"Stay out as long as you want, just have fun." Howard said.

"So Dani can stay out as long as she wants? Right?" Zac asked him, shooting off the couch and sneding a cold stare towards his father. The air started to fill with tension, not the good kind either. "She crashes your car, you don't even bat an eye. What about me? When I fuck up, you act like the fucking world is going to end!" he shouted.

"Oh dear." mom muttered.

"Zac, not now." Howard said, pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration. Zac nodded, looking pretty pissed off.

"You don't want to talk about it. Noted. Thanks dad, for everything." he threw the remote on the couch before storming down the hall, but not before stopping at me. I expected him to snap at me, but instead...

"You look beautiful Dani." and with that, he disappeared down the corridor, followed by a door slamming.

"That was odd." Mom said.

"Don't mind him Dani." Howard said.

"Let's talk about something happy, when's your date coming?" mom asked me.

"Actually I'm meeting him at Renauldi's on seventh." I replied. Renauldi's was a quaint and small little italian restuarant, Lucas told me it was perfect for a first date.

"He's not picking you up?" mom asked.

"No he couldn't, I told him I'd just get a cab there." I replied.

"I can take you there, I know the place." Howard said.

"Don't worry about it. I got to go." I grabbed my purse, then went over to my mother and gave her a kiss. "Love you." then I went over to Howard and gave him a quick hug.


This was definetely something I did not see. I get to the restaurant at exaclty seven o'clock, waiting at the secluded little table in the corner with lit candle and a single red rose in a small cup. The only problem? There's no date to complete it. That's right, about half an hour in, and Lucas isn't picking up his phone. To think, I wasted three whole éclairs on him! This was bullshit! I mean, the guy goes and begs me to go on a date with him; and when that date happens he stands me up? What an asshole! Forty five minutes passed before I got smart enough to leave a five dollar tip and walk out. This was getting ridiculous.

It was just as I stepped out the door that somebody called my name. All too familiar with that voice. "Dani! Wait up!" Lucas was running down the block, practically gasping for breath.

"Where were you?" I asked him.

"Look I-!"

"No hold on. You understand what you did? You left me sitting in this stupid restaurant for nearly an hour! People were staring at me! The mater dei kept scowling at me because I wouldn't order. Why? Because I was waiting for you!" I shouted at him. Lucas took a minute to catch his breath before replying.

"Look, I know this isn't what yu had in mind for our date, but I can make it up to you, promise." he said.

"Oh yeah? How're you planning to fix this cheerleader?" I asked him. Lucas took a minute to think, before replying with three all too familiar words.

"You like ice cream?"


We went to a place called Labratorio del Gelato, with as many flavors as you could imagine. It was fancier (and more expensive) than the ice cream place Zac took my to. I got quite an unusual but strangely delicious flavor: lavender ice cream. It was amazing! Who knew you could put a flower in ice cream!

"Am I forgiven yet?" Lucas asked. He got spicy chocolate in a chocolate cone.

"Well, considering the fact that I'm enjoying an ice cream that has flower petals in it, sure. Why were you late anyway?" I asked him.

"I uh...I'm having some trouble at home. My folks are getting a divorce." he replied. What're the odds?



"No sorry, I mean -- I know what that feels like." I replied.

"You're parents look happy, I don't get it." he said.

"No, mom got her divorce earlier this year, and she met Zac's dad and now they're getting married." I said.

"I see. Yeah, my parents were drifting apart anyway, they didn't see the point of being married when they didn't even talk to each other anymore." he said.

"I'm really sorry. If you need a shoulder to lean on, I'm here." I told him. Lucas stopped and smiled down at me.

"I had a feeling you would be." he said Then he leaned down ever so slowly, and pressed his lips onto mine.

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