MLRB 15: Out of Excuses

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"Thank you for sharing." I was truly grateful and glad that he chose to tell me he didn't have to yet he did. He's been through a lot as I can imagine everyone has and it has opened my eyes and made me even more blessed for what I have.

His mother killed his father because she found out he was cheating on her with another woman. She made him and his little sister swear to never say a word and so they've been quiet all until his sister Lily told her counsellor and everything spiraled down hill from there. They both went into foster care he hasn't seen her for three years now but hopes to do whatever he can when we turns eighteen next year in January.

"Now that you know my life story, what's your deal?"

We continued playing with my team beating black ops every time and in between me telling him about my depressing life story. It really was nothing to be pitiful/sorrow about. I left out stuff about Caleb that was something I don't want to speak about ever. Its been years now and the wound is still all so fresh. He mumbled a few words just so I knew he was still there.

"In many ways you are very lucky." I didn't ask him to elaborate on it because I knew it every day and every night. I am fortunate for everything and every person that has made an impact in my life its just harder for me to acknowledge it so openly. I don't deal with emotions well and I know that if I don't show any then I won't have to deal with it regularly.

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"I suppose," he paused our game maybe so he could recover from such an epic loss, "call them before you sleep." His voice was stern and forceful at the same time and I could only imagine the stuff he's been through and it makes me feel more blessed but angry at the adults who've lived before us and know better or should have.

Some are less fortunate. "I will, promise." I've been avoiding it for days now and hearing such a story has definitely convinced me that tonight was the night.


They didn't return and it was getting late I gave Leon a hug and left knowing I had some stuff to work out. I unlocked the cabin and surprisingly Gabe was here since all the lights were on even in his room. I walked into my room grabbed some things for a quick shower and closed the door behind me. I took extra long just because the days here have been stressful and this hot water was doing its duty well. It relaxed my muscles but made me sleepy which was a sign to get out. I changed into a tee and sweats and headed into my bedroom.

I moisturised, sent my 'I'm okay and doing well' text to Logan for not only her but for her parents as well and turned off my lamp light. I figured it was too late to call them and I'll call in the morning. His lamp was on and the light reflected into my room therefore making me turn the other way. I wanted to see what he was doing but I knew I had no right to.


I woke up and immediately dialed the home phone knowing my mom didn't leave the house till seven. After a couple of rings she was finally answered.

"Geller residence, Miranda speaking." She sounded like she just woke up.

I wiped my eyes quickly. "Hey mom, its me Ella."

The annoyance in her voice showed. "What do you want? Money? New phone? What?" I don't get why she's asking this when I have never asked her for anything unless it was completely out of my control or if it was an emergency. She wants me to feel bad or to feel guilty about trying to disown them but can you blame me I have had enough but talking to Leon tonight reminded me of why I called.

"Not at all mom. Never will and probably won't ever. I just wanted to apologize for what I said that day I didn't mean any of it. I hope you-"

She laughed. "So you think you can speak that way and just crawl your way into my life again." She was angry before I called because usually shed say it was okay and all would be forgiven but she wasn't. "That is one of the reasons why I sent you there Ella you don't care about anyone but yourself. I have a photoshoot to get ready for. Try not to call me too much." Then she hung up.

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