MLRB 25: New Beginnings Or Unfinished Endings

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Twenty Five:

I pulled on a hoodie and slide into my chuck taylors. I grabbed my keys and headed out to the cinemas. I felt bad about declining Quentin so I invited him. I honked outside Logan's house and she came out seconds after.

I didn't tell her that Quentin was coming, she'd be annoyed but who doesn't like their family members. They were cousins I didn't have any so they should be happy in each other's company.

We pulled up outside the cinema and Elena texted saying they were already inside. I looked around and saw them still deciding on what movie we should watch.

"Ells, you made it!" Mark pushed Jonah out of the way and came skipping towards me. He engulfed me in a tight hug. I laughed at his excitement.

"Hi Mark." His collar was pulled back and Leon hugged me next. Then Elena, Michelle, Anthony and the rest. I was really happy to see them all.

"Guys, I want you to meet my best friend Logan."

"Hi, she told me a lot about you guys." They all hugged her and she hugged them back. I don't know what was wrong but things seemed a little awkward or maybe it was just because I haven't seen them all in a while. We decided on Ted 2. Actually, the boys decided on it.

As we were grabbing our tickets I heard Lola whisper something to Leon. I turned around and saw who they were pointing to. My heart almost dropped out of my chest. I don't even think I was seeing correctly. Nope, it was definitely him.

Quentin saw me before I saw him. He waved.

"Is he waving at us? And why is heading over here?"

He hugged me and from the back of him I saw basically everyone eyeing me out evilly. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.

"Guys, I'm sure you already know Quentin. I invited him, I hope you don't mind."

"I do mind. Go watch a movie with your friends."

I looked at Logan. Quentin put his arm around Logan's.

"Now, that's not the way family treats each other now is it? Cousin." He put extra emphasis on the word cousin and there were a few surprised faces. The whole time they were arguing I refused to look at the person behind him who I could see he had his arm around some girl that wore clothes that didn't cover much. If anything she was over dressed for just a movie. The strip club is on the other side of town.

Logan pushed his arm off. He greeted the guys and they just nodded. Quentin isn't as bad as he may seem and I hope they see it too.

He turned around. "Guys, this is Gabriel and Summer." Everyone turned to face me and if I didn't look it then I could feel my face heating up by the milliseconds. Logan stepped forward first.

"Gabriel, as in Gabe?"

He nodded once. I think Logan's jaw nearly broke with the way she was looking at him and then she looked back at me and then stepped back so that she was standing next to me.

Everyone greeted them just they had done so with Quentin. I couldn't even face him at that moment especially when he was holding hands with that stupid blonde.

I don't even want to know who she was to him but they seemed really close and I'm guessing that she was his girlfriend. We still had half an hour left and so I walked over to the arcade instead. I was angry that Quentin didn't tell me he was inviting Gabe and his girlfriend. Like how can you leave something that big out, surely its not that hard to type right?

There was this kid that was pretending that he was driving so I plopped down in the seat next to him.

"Hey kiddo, want to race?"

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