MLRB 17: Confession

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It was too late to back out now so I continued. I didn't know who to look at so I gradually moved from different individuals in the crowd slowly. After I sang the intro to Beyonce's Mine, I picked up my guitar and we both sung. Then it turned from that into Drunkin Love with Gabe rapping Jay's part and me singing the chorus. I couldn't believe how quick he picked that up so easily as he had never heard of any of those singer's songs. Our last song was Miguel's Adorn which was his choice. I loved the song so I agreed immediately. We tried to put our own spin on it by slowing it down in different parts which was his idea.

The nervousness had long left and it felt like it was just me and him singing with each other like last night. He was amazing with the guitar he played it so effortlessly like it was an extra body part. He was a born performer even if he was humble about it. He was worried about how he would sound but he was amazing. I think it was because he was used to a different genre. It made me wonder what he was doing next year. Then it made me think what would happen after we left.

I finished off the song adding a little more than practiced. Gabe followed my leads like he was inside my head he strummed a little more as I ended it. I was worried that since it was quiet we sounded horrible but that quickly changed when there was screaming and cheering from the crowd. I looked at Gabe and he grabbed the guitar from me and held my hand. I stood up, surprised at their reaction but also relieved that it was finally over. All those nerves were long gone only to be replaced with excitement.

I held his hand even tighter. I left everything on this stage tonight, we bowed and walked off stage. I was happy that I was able to do this tonight, all that freaking out was nothing compared to this feeling of accomplishment.

I hugged Gabe. I was scared of what would happen tonight and with him next to me I knew we'd be alright.

"Thank you." It was all I could say. All sorts of emotions were flowing through me but with this boy in front of me I was calm. He brought me calmness tonight and I don't think it was possible if he wasn't here.

He wrapped his arms around me. "It was all you, you were amazing." This was nice guy Gabe speaking.

I pulled back unwrapping my arms from him. I playfully slapped his chest. "You had all the girls tripping over your voice, it was beautiful."

He scoffed. "I don't care about anyone else but you." I wasn't sure if I heard him correctly and in the right way.

"I think they were ready to jump you on stage." I laughed. His voice is beyond magical. I could only think of other songs that he would kill.

We didn't step back from each other. We were still backstage unaware of what was going on on the stage.

"I could care less, your the only girl I'd allow." He didn't break our gaze and I couldn't even process what he had just said. I tried laughing it off as a joke but he only backed me into the back wall. My breath hitched as his came in contact with my face. He had his arm above me as he lowered. I could be dreaming but then why would I?

Excuses Ells, excuses.

I had the urge to touch his hair but kept my hands by my side. "We should get back." I was getting into dangerous territory and did not think this would happen tonight, with so many people behind. Maybe he was in the moment, seeing as we had just sung songs that were about love. But then what songs weren't about love these days. It was inevitable.

He didn't move, only lowered his head. "They won't announce the winners without us." I was being sucked in by his eyes and I needed an exit. They were mysterious yet dangerous and I was worried he would kiss me. Not because I wouldn't like it but because who know what it would lead to. I didn't want to have any sort of feelings for this boy in front of me but its hard because tonight he made me feel sane, calm, and free all at the same time.

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