MLRB 4: Blanks with Beautiful Hair

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I found that they had a gym, lounges all around the camp, and a basketball court which I loved. Somehow though I managed to get lost where only trees surrounded me. Tall trees, well I guess that's what happens when you don't pay attention to where your walking. The map didn't help either as I tried to navigate my way back based on the tracks that I thought I had passed. According to this map there was a track that led back to the back of my cabin which there obviously wasn't.

I had two options, keep walking and trying to get myself out of here or just stay put and pray to the gods that someone would come and find me. Since my battery was at 15% I decided to go with option A and option B and continue until dark. Minutes in and I started to think of the inevitable and possible situations. I couldn't handle insects so I don't know how long I would last. What if there were werewolves or worse, spiders.

How stupid could you get Ells?

Now was not the time for this I had one goal and that was to find my way out. Who the heck would build a camp near some forestry anyways. The sun was slowly going down and I knew it was approximately hitting seven o'clock, just my luck.

After a whole hour according to my phone which was now on 3% it was eight o'clock. Was nobody gong to come look for me? It was kind of my fault anyways I said to myself. My legs had worn out by now and decided just to sit wait. I wish I hadn't eaten those chips so fast my stomach was arguing with me. I placed my head back making sure there wasn't any bugs on the ground or on the bark of the tree. I could climb it but then nobody would spot me.

By now, my precious phone had died why didn't they invent everlasting batteries. With my creations I'd be a billionaire by now. Who knows how long it had been I forgot where I placed the map not that it wasa of any use anyways. This camp was pretty organized, if only somebody, anybody came by which was highly unlikely. If only a certain somebody, my so-called roommate whom I hadn't seen the entire day came to my rescue in shining armor and all that shit.

Luckily the air was as chilly as it was at home but I couldn't help but regret not wearing something more.




I wasn't sure if I had been dreaming or whether that was real. I opened my eyes realizing that this was real. I heard it again, somebody was calling my name. I'm rescued! Oh, well not yet but somebody has thankfully come for me.


I realized that in order for somebody to find me I'd have to shout.

Honestly being out here in the cold had taken some of my brain cells.

"I'm here!"

"Keeping yelling." So I did and guess who it was?

Not exactly my knight in shining armor but my stupid roommate. He crouched down beside me checking my forehead and other parts to probably see if I was okay.

"Took you long enough. Was beginning to think nobody would come."

He laughed. "Well it was hitting ten o'clock and so I figured you were lost and what do you know you were."

"I'm glad you find this funny, you waited till fricking ten o'clock to find me. Aren't you a smart one?"

I know I should be grateful that he came its just if he were in my position I'd be alerting the whole damn camp for his whereabouts. Okay, I'd probably wouldn't but I was allowed to be a little dramatic especially in this situation.

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