MLRB 3: Jumping Jacks

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A sound echoed or rather screeched absurdly loud. I ripped off my covers trying to find the source.

"Fucking hell!" I was pissed.

Firstly, its seven o'clock I'm not supposed to be up for another five hours. Secondly, where the hell is the siren coming from I don't see no fire. And thirdly, where the hell is my beats when I need them.

I realised then that I wasn't at home, this wasn't my bedroom and sure as hell wasn't my bed. I rubbed my back feeling the ache from how thin these mattresses are. I rubbed my eyes hoping that it was a dream but unfortunately it wasn't, my suitcase was beside the bed and I couldn't help but feel homesick already. I was brought back to last nights encounter with my new room mate Gabe. Where is he?

I looked across the room and saw that he was somehow sleeping through this racket. What the actual fuck? I stand up, stretching my sore body. He seemed like he was enjoying his sleep. Well, that's just too darn bad.

I poked his shoulder. Poke. Poke. No answer.

Poke. Poke. "Gabe?"

He still didn't wake up.

"Gabe? Wake up and off this shitty sound." He didn't respond so I did what I had to do, I started jumping on his bed. Even though I wasn't in the mood Logan would do it all the time and it would bug me so I figured it would for him.

He stirred only to pull the covers across his face and turned away. I snatched his headphones off his ears and exposed them to the siren that had been going on for a while now. I didn't know where it was coming from so I obviously couldn't do it myself.

"What are you doing?" Exactly what I thought. His eyes were red for some reason. I realised I was still standing on above him on his bed in a T-shirt.

Common sense Ella.

I dropped to the ground, signalling to the sound.

"What?" He knew darn well what I was talking about it was either he was deaf or dumb. Probably both.

"Can you turn that off?" He sat up halfway scratching his stomach then rubbing his face. "That's the camp alarm, goes off at seven after that its good morning songs when it stops at nine means breakfast is over."

You mean to tell me that this siren shit goes off everyday at seven? This is worser than I thought and this is day one.

"Fuck my life." I walked back into my room, Gabe slipped his headphones on while I plugged mine in and decided to go to sleep for another couple of hours I was fricking tired that at that moment I didn't care about missing breakfast I had snacks in my suitcase anyways. I should probably set my alarm but couldn't be bothered opening my phone again.


Somebody was kicking my bed, I don't think I had slept for more than an hour. I threw my blanket over for the second time this morning.

"What?" It was Gabe doing what I had done earlier, jumping on my bed. Here I thought i was childish. He was tall so he couldn't really jump as his head would probably hit the ceiling. I switched on my phone it was eight thirty. It felt like I was sleeping for a year until some lanky idiot had to kill it.

"Get up, I don't care if your tired. You have less than half an hour to make it to the cafeteria," I was going to ask why it was so important until he read answered, "whoever doesn't sign in than that cabin has to clean everyone else's for a week." The thought of cleaning fifteen other cabins was enough to get me up alone. He stood by my door.

"Did you want something?" He looked surprised.

"Nah, I'm good. Bathroom's free." It seemed as though he was going to say something else. I wiped my eyes, grabbed my towel and headed into the next room. It was surprisingly clean and actually had a door only problem was it didn't have a lock. Just dandy. I reached out to turn the shower head on only to come face to face with my biggest fear.

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