MLRB 21: Farewells all round

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Twenty Two: Farewells all round 

I haven't seen Gabe the whole day and seeing as its hitting ten o'clock now and he was still home it made me a little worried. I sat in my room packing up everything that I owned. Seemed like it was just yesterday that I was unpacking my bags getting ready for what I thought would be a nightmare.

Tonight, I can honestly say that I will miss my gang. I've grown to know each of them personally and I'm glad that I have gotten that chance to have known them. I will continue to keep in touch with them seeing as they all put their numbers and email addresses in my phone a couple of days after I met them. 

It hit ten o'clock and I was beginning to think that something bad has happened to that idiot until Quentin texts me saying that Gabe is at his cabin being a depressed animal and to come and get him asap. 

I put on a jacket and locked behind me and started walking down to his cabin. I didn't bother knocking and opened the door. 

"Yo, who is this beauty?" 

I looked to my side and saw some dude put down his remote controller. I didn't bother asking him and walked further and saw Quentin stirring something I think it was tea. I have to admit that their cabin was everything that he said it would be, lucky bugger. 

"Hey homie." 

I nodded. "Wassup fool." 

He laughed. "The room across the bathroom." 

I grabbed a donut on the counter it had cream in the middle so I took another one. 

"Thanks, these are so good." 

I reached out to see what brand it was. "Trey's mom sends us food every couple of days." 

Lucky buggers. Not because they had all these goodies but because they had a mother that cooked for them. That's special. 

I walked into the room and switched the light on, Gabe was fake sleeping or trying to. I walked over to the bed and tapped his side. 

"Gabe?" I did this another three times until he turned around finally. 

"What!" Talk about angry. Now I know why they call him Hulk or angry boy. 

I scrunched my eyebrows in two at his attitude but it was nothing new. If I remember correctly he was the one that said all those harsh things. Hell, we're both wrong. 

"Let's go home I want to talk to you about something." I decided that he at least deserved a goodbye face to face even if he didn't want to see me I wanted to do that instead of having a letter like the others. 

He pulled the covers over. "Just leave me alone. I'll talk to you tomorrow." He closed his eyes. 

"Gabe, its really important and I really need you awake for this." 

That's when I regretted going there to begin with. "Just fuck off Ells, I don't need this right now." 

I stumbled backwards accidentally and fell on a Pepsi bottle. They even had fizzy drinks damn I should have moved in here instead. Quentin pulled my hand out of the room. I stared at him not noticing the tear that fell from my eye. I guess that made a greater impact than I had thought. I wiped it away and smiled at him. He knew I was leaving but what he didn't know was that I was leaving now. 

I smiled at him. "Please tell him I'm sorry and that we will meet again and that he means a lot to me and that I could never actually hate him. Can you do that for me?" 

He shrugged. "Do I have to cry like you are right now?" 

I slapped his shoulder and wiped my tears. I cannot believe I am crying to this extent. Before I know it, I'm hugging Quentin wishing it was Gabe. 

"Oh Ells, don't cry he's just on his period it'll pass in a couple of days." Days that I don't have. I looked at him and nodded. 

"Don't forget a single word." I looked at his sleeping form and was tempted to try again but I know my troubles would be in vain. I guess this was how we would say goodbye. Or maybe I have been hallucinating things and he doesn't even like me at all. 

I patted him on the head. "That's a good boy." 

He followed behind me. "I am not a dog thank you very much." He held the door open for me. I turned around once more. "Thanks Quentin you're a true friend. Please watch over him." 

He nodded. I waved goodbye sad that this is how it has ended. I walked away checking the time on my phone, my ride should be here anytime soon. Nobody but Michael would know that I am leaving tonight reason being was that everyone would be sleeping and I wouldn't have any troubles leaving. 

I call Logan and she picks up sounding really excited."We're here! We're here! Where are you." She was practically yelling and just for that I started smiling. Someone would miss me. Unlike somebody. 

"I'm almost done just gotta lock up. I'm in cabin 15 if you wanna come down and help me." 

I hear murmuring on the phone like she's trying to tell someone something. 

"Yeah, I'll be there in five." 

And she really was. It took me at least ten minutes if I somehow walk fast enough. She's super fit, unlike me. I don't believe in fitness, I believe in the goodness of food though. 

We open the door and instantly she jumps on me like she hasn't seen me in years. 



We smile and hug each other like there's no tomorrow. "Oh crap, is your boyfriend asleep already? Damn." 

I knew this was the only reason she wanted to come down, she has been dying to see this guy that winds me up. 

"Nah, he's not here. Help me with that bag over there will ya." She nods and we lock up for the very last time and head out. 

I look back for the last time and realize that home is where the heart is. 

Logan's parents, well my parents are waiting next to the car and I rush to hug them. It's nice to see some familiar people. I hugged them both for a while before getting into the car. 

"I'm sorry for it being so late at night." 

He waves me off. "No problem, we all missed your face around our house." 

I missed them but I think I will miss someone just a tad bit more. 

I pulled the sleeves of my jumper they smelt just like him. I will treasure this like its the last item on this earth. 


updated, a lot shorter but I don't wanna drag it on too much. It's making me feel all sorts. 

Chris Brown's releasing a new album soon, just heard Liquor. DOPE! ^Listen to it^

Anyone seen My Love From Another Star?? Anyone watch Korean Dramas?? 

Stay beautiful, a.h xo                          

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