MLRB 13: Talents

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Day Two: no practice. The talent show was three days away and they were actually going all out on this thing. I walked past Michael and they were talking about setting up a stage and spotlights. This just makes it even worse I don't have a problem with audiences and public speaking but when its showcasing something your good at is what I can't handle. Me and Gabe haven't even discussed let alone figured out what we were going to do which was partly my fault. Just a little.

The challenge and today was a computer challenge, we came second since we were both equally good with them. The Asians won that one. We were currently fifth on the table which wasn't so bad. We would talk during a challenge but other that its total nothing. Last night when I got home he wasn't there so I went to sleep. I couldn't help but worry over him hoping that he's okay. I know I shouldn't but its my weakness.

"So are you going to pick something?"

I realized I was holding up the line and this Asian boy, the one that led his cabin to victory had been waving his hand in front of my face for who knows how long now. It was dinner time and yes I finally managed to make it in time. That was probably because I didn't bother changing.

"Oh right." I picked the creamy chicken with a salad and water. I looked around the room and saw that there was hardly anybody in the cafeteria. Both Jonah's and Elena's cabins were busy practicing now so they could relax till Saturday which is something I wish we would do.

I went and sat at a table for two next to the window which so happened to be the same one where I first met Elena. It was another hot day and I was just glad they had air con in here. I scanned the cafeteria and there were probably about five people plus me sitting here quietly. I didn't know any of them but they must've been from the other cabins but due to my lack of social skills I only knew two cabins and I was pretty content with that. Only annoyed that I had no one to talk to.

At least it gave me a chance to think about everything. My parents, who I blew up at once again yet regret it had me feeling bad for some reason. It sucks because regardless their my parents and I have to live with them and put up with them and their neglect. I don't know when but I'll call them both back and apologize purely because I don't want to be one of those kids that take their parents for granted yet even though situations are different now they must've made sacrifices the kind that we'd never think about which I am grateful for. Then there's Logan and her family who really are a blessing. For as long as I know they've been there just as much as they have for her like I was their child. I've spent Christmas with them many times and they've never made me feel not welcome. Her cousins though are hot so I drool every year that I get to see them.

Then there's Gabe whom I've only known for three weeks now and feel like I'm missing a part of me not talking to him. How is it possible to like somebody within that amount of time. I get some people fall in love at first sight but I don't think that's the case. I don't know what's going on with me. He's trouble I know but you can't not forget what he did for my birthday. If I can forgive my parents for forgetting my birthday yet again then surely I can forgive him for what exactly? Drinking? Smoking? Is that really something to be mad about. I don't have to like the guy and to be truly honest I want to win that talent show.

I didn't finish my dinner but thanked Linda regardless for the meal. Elena texted me to come to her cabin and see what they got so far so I agreed. Anything that will delay having to speak with Gabe. I walked in and saw Letty on a sewing machine from who knows where stitching together bright materials which must've been their costumes.

"A play?"

Michelle who was busy scribbling something down on paper quickly glanced up. "Yeah, about how much we love being here." I could hear the sarcasm dripping and I couldn't wait. Since they were still preparing like the show was tomorrow I told them I was going down to see what Jonah, Mark, Anthony, and Leon were up to.

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