MLRB 20: Calling it all off.

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I awoke feeling sick, blocked nose, sore throat the whole lot. My body felt weak and so I texted Logan.

Me: Up to? 

Logan: Morning! Just eating breakfast. 

You?Me: Feeling sick as fuck. 

Logan: Maybe you should come home, my house that is. 

Me: Yeah, I've been thinking about it all night. 

Logan: And?

Me: One more day just so I can suss everything out yeah? 

Logan: But don't you have two weeks left? 

Me: Yeah, but there's more drama here compared to school. 

Logan: I'll call you after because my foods getting cold. 

 I placed my phone in my pocket and got ready for the day. Gabe was probably still asleep and so I tippy-toed out the door I was so hungry. It seems like I eat less when I'm here for some reason because when I'm at home I'm always eating, like constantly. 

I stopped by Michael's office before heading to breakfast. 

 I knocked. 

"Come in." 

I opened the door and saw that he was eating breakfast and watching TV. Something that I never thought I would miss. 

He looked up. "Yes? How can I help you this morning?" 

He sounded annoyed that I was interrupting his breakfast. "I need to go home." 

He looked surprised. "Why?"

"Because I have.." 


With that sorted, I just needed to figure how the heck I was going to tell the rest of the crew that I was leaving. Maybe I won't. I was and never am good with goodbyes. Its my brother's anniversary this weekend and I would never miss it for the world. Me, and Logan always head out to the bach we have near Honua Falls just to celebrate his life and there was no way I was going to make this year an exemption. 

 Ashley said that we would be doing inside activities and so I figured that I would write a letter to each of the cabins before I leave tomorrow morning. 

 So that's how it came to be. The crew and I just chilling in the piano room.Jonah came and sat down next to me. "What are you writing?" 

I pulled the pad lower. "Just some stuff. When I first saw you on the bus I thought you were such an ass. Only to find out that you were being a little show off because of Elena." 

He nudged me. "Oh shut up Ells." 

We both laughed together. "When we first started going out, she asked me if I liked you. I think she was jealous." 

I was surprised. I laughed. "Ha! Me? You? Nah, I've always thought she was one of the prettiest girls here and one of the nicest." 

"So if you break her heart or do anything stupid as hell I will find you and hunt you down. Got it?" 

He saluted me. "Aye, aye Captain." 

I looked around the room at everyone and how this bunch of people who have grown on me were laughing and smiling. They were people that I would never forget ever again. If there was anything that I would miss it would be the people that I have befriended here. Totally different to everyone back home. 

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