MLRB 10: Photogenic

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I'll admit the challenges this week were designed for future up and coming scientists and as we approached the end of this week I decide to go out to the weekly bonfire. I were positioned seventh overall at least it wasn't dead last which was now Elena's team. My mind has been occupied with finding ways of beating Gabe's addiction. We don't talk actually but I still want to help him and I am determined to do so no matter what.

I didn't know what to wear to this bonfire so I went with a mickey mouse jumper, simple shorts and white chucks. There's nothing I could do with this mane so I tightened the pony and pushed the bangs back behind my ear. Everyone I knew were going to be there and so I didn't feel nervous about heading over. Gabe was reading a book on his bed and he looked intrigued so I locked the door and headed out. I almost yelled a quick goodbye but then I remembered he didn't want to talk to me and neither did I. Sort of.

Everyone was chilling this was more of a couples retreat. Jonah and Elena, some others couples, and finally Leon and Mark at the end of the circle so I went to them. "Hey." I waved and they did so back Leon patting the seat next to him as he offered me a beer or a tropical looking drink that I more than willingly chose. I had a feeling they'd be drinking somehow I just wondered where Michael was. Pop music was blasting through the speakers surrounding us annoyingly because its the same thing they play on the radio its never anything different.

I scanned the area. More couples and no sign of Lola maybe she changed her mind about coming.

"Care to dance?" Carter held out his hand I looked at the boys who were giving him the stink eye. Why doesn't anybody like him?

I took it nonetheless. We headed a bit further where there were these torches still giving us light and where we could hear the music still. He took my hand and placed his other hand on my side. I found this weird and if Logan saw me now she'd laugh her ass off because I don't dance. My body was stiff and I found it hard being comfortable with him I don't know why though.

"Wanna take a seat?" I was more than grateful for his suggestion and so we both headed and sat down on one of those wooden stools.

"How old are you?" I've been meaning to ask this for a while now. "I'm 19, I live in America but come here every summer to visit my grandparents only they had other ideas and I was forced into this as a summer job." He didn't sound so excited, I wouldn't be either.

"Thought so. Is this your first time being a leader?" He shook his head. "Second year now, first wasn't how I expected it to be." I didn't know if he meant that in a good way or bad.

He started clicking his hands something I hated and could only cringe every time somebody did it. "Can I just say something as a friend?" Oh, no! Please don't let this get awkward.

"Try to avoid Gabe as much as possible okay, he's bad news." He seemed really concerned and worried.

I was starting to get annoyed at what was being said about Gabe, warnings about him, him being crazy, me staying away etc era. Like worry about yourself. "Thanks for heads up but I can take care of myself thanks." I smile at him although I'm pissed that everyone's telling me what to do. Before I get to rethink everything through there is yelling and so me and Carter head back up see what all the commotion was about.

"Where's Gabriella?"

He was drunk. I could see it in his face and smell it in his breath the moment he hugged me like I was returning from the dead.

"Get off her you weak drunk!" Carter went to grab Gabe's shoulder only to have his fist connect with Carter's nose. I think I heard a crack.

I muttered some apologies while Isis ran up to him inspecting his face before giving me the evil eye I grabbed Gabe and headed back to the cabin.

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