MLRB 29: One Night Nurse

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Twenty Nine:

There were so many people in my house I couldn't keep up. Logan's monstrous family, the caterers, and the entertainment filled the entire house making it seem too small now.

I closed the door from all the noise that I have been subjected to since this morning.

"So which one are you wearing?"

Logan shakes me back into reality. Not being mean but I just wanted some peace and quiet for a second. "I don't know, whatever fits."

I was mentally drained from her mother and her screeching of rules. If only my mother was here she would totally be put in her place but her and Will won't be here till tonight.

She flips through my wardrobe. "God, I'd kill to have your closet. I've picked out the perfect dress for you." Here we go, more ordering.

I closed my eyes. "Thanks. Your free to help yourself to my closet whenever." Most of the clothes I didn't wear anyways and most of them weren't even in stores yet.

She jumps on the bed and lies on her stomach. "Really? Thanks Gabriella."

I wave her off hoping she'd go back to doing whatever she was doing in my room but she doesn't. "So, is Gabe coming?"

I close my eyes hoping for a quick nap. "Probably, I'm not sure." I didn't really ask him about it. I invited him so no one can say I didn't invite him.

I feel my bed move letting me know she has gotten off of it. "How can you not know? I mean, all my efforts will be in vain if he doesn't show up." She huffs loudly hoping to get a rise out of me.

I sighed worried what exactly she has picked for me to wear. Hopefully she hasn't picked anything from the back shelves.

"I'm going to take a quick nap so wake me before seven. You mother can be a handful."

She laughs and then pats my leg. "I know. Don't worry I'll be back to get you ready."


Out of nowhere a burp escapes my mouth.

"Very lady like Ells." I poke my tongue at her while she fixes up my hair. We're going for an elegant bun apparently seeing as she's changed the hairstyle right after she has completely finished it.

I rolled my eyes seeing that yet again she was pulling out the bobby pins. Now were going for a plait. Hopefully this is the last one.

"Its almost time Logan and my head hurts from all your picking and pulling."

She stops me before I can even continue. "I think this is the one promise."

That's what she said last time but luckily she sticks to it this time. Oh, actually I don't give her any option as I start to put on my sandals adamant I'm not wearing the many contraptions stacked in my closet.

Logan shakes her head at me while slipping into her black heels. She looked beautiful as always in the long dark blue gown that brought out her eyes well.

"Gabe is going to be drooling when he sees you." She has a wicked smile going and it makes me a tad bit nervous to be honest.

"Your creeping me the fuck out so I'll see you downstairs your mother is calling me again." I thought that it was just in my head but it was definitely getting closer and I didn't want her to know which room was mine so I figured I better head out.

She sits down in front the mirror. "I bet your totally regretting letting us hire your place out now huh?" She checks herself in the mirror something that I should've done but I just didn't have time to.

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