MLRB 1: Bitch-slapped bad

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"I can't bare to see you like this sweetie." You don't even know me so how the heck would she know.

She started combing her hands through her hair that she just bleached blonde. She was naturally a brunette but I guess it comes with the profession. Being fake.

I couldn't be bothered answering back so I turned the TV on and started switching through the channels.

"I'm serious Ella. Its gone on for far too long now and its unacceptable," she's acting like I have a cocaine addiction or something, "your leaving tonight."

I realised she was dead serious. "What the fuck do you mean?"

She had gotten used to the way I talk I'm not going to fix it. If anything blame all those OG movies that I've seen.

"Language Ella. Your bus leaves at six, you'll get there around midnight so I'd suggest you get packing."

"I can't just up and leave what about school?"

"In case you forgot its the holidays Ella. But since you got suspended for the rest of this school year and stayed couped up in this house you wouldn't have remembered."

"I'm not going!"

Just as she was walking out of my room she turned around face looking pissed. "You don't have a choice nor a say in this so pack."

"I don't have to do shit. Don't you have anything better to do."

I could tell she was getting frustrated with my lack of cooperation. "That's the thing you don't do shit. You stay home and if your out you and that friend of yours are causing havoc, me and your father agreed that this is for the best." Her face softened and I almost believed the sincerity of it.

"What's best for your career you mean?"

"I have to be somewhere but if I'm not home by six then have a safe trip make sure to take a taxi there." She kissed my forehead readjusting her collar of her blouse in my mirror and then left.

I didn't get to ask what kind of camp it was for or how long it was for. I climbed out of my bed running hoping to catch my mother before she left. I looked out of my window only to see the limo drive off down our long driveway.

Just great!

I had been grounded for the past week which meant I had no internet and every else the world had created for this generation. I unlocked my phone she didn't even tell me where or what this camp was for I mean if this is going to be like that lame movie Camp Rock then I'm seriously fucked. It was approaching four so I figured I'd start packing so I can chill for a bit.

I texted my bestfriend Logan telling her that I was going away for the holidays and she decided to ring me instead.

"Where you going?"

"I have no idea Geegee, but I leave in a few hours."

"Holy crap Gabby, that's harsh. You could always just come to my house instead." I heard the hope in her voice.

"Its either that or I'm moving to live with my father in Australia." I, myself couldn't believe that was the other option I mean sure I've done some bad stuff but its nothing worth sending your daughter away for.

"How long?"

"I'm not sure I'll let you know when I get to wherever I'm going."

I'd accepted this as a challenge and hopefully I'll make it out alive. There was no way I was going to stay in Australia one of the hottest countries with my sorry excuse of a father. My parents have separated not officially for about a year now. I guess they grew sick of each other they never explained what happened. I'm sure it had something to do with my brother Caleb. One day I got home from school and was meet at the doorstep by my father that explained that he was moving to Australia for good. Never marry somebody you can't envision yourself being with for the rest of your life. Both useless.

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