MLRB 22: Like a Greek Wedding

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Chapter Twenty Two: Like a Greek Wedding. 

I woke up not in my room, not on my wooden bed but on a rather a dream worthy bed. I was home. After so long, I was home. It was 6:30 am and my mother would be up soon. I walked into her room and saw that it was empty. Its been a while since I've come in here and everything still surprising looks the same. Everything nicely placed, hung up arranged in a certain order with her shoes surrounding the entire walk in wardrobe. 

Wait until Logan saw this she'd freak. We were so different, she's so elegant and well-structured and I'm shabby with more rips in my clothing then a homeless person. 

I jogged down and saw nobody there. There was a note on the fridge: 

In Paris right now, 

there's money in your account already. 

See you later. Mom. 

I don't want your money, I want your company. I ran next door to Logan's house unlocked it with the key under the carpet and strolled in. I don't think anyone was awake yet but to thank them for bringing me home I wanted to make breakfast for them. Christmas was just around the corner and just thinking about would be so exciting. 

I ran around their house singing really loudly all sorts of Christmas carols as I banged on their doors. Logan was just getting up, I started shaking her and she just pushed me off. "Gabby, is that bacon?" We were far away from kitchen and she could still smell it. This family is big on bacon like they live off this stuff and so each of them can practically smell it from a mile away. 

I nodded. "Thanks Gabby, your the best." 

We ate breakfast and then started packing for the trip later on. It would take a while so we planned on stopping at a motel half way through for a rest and then continue on. We packed a whole box filled with all sorts of yum stuff and although I was really excited I just wish my parents realized how important this was. 

We strapped ourselves in and started off down heading onto the motorway. The radio was on blast and just how I liked it. Logan put the volume down and turned sideways towards me. 

 "So what happened?" 

I looked out the window. "My parents should be going on this trip with us its the least they could do. Like we're talking about our little brother Caleb here. Did they not care about him at all?"

She nodded. "I feel ya, but I'm sure Caleb would be happy that we continue celebrating his life. As long as he knows how much we love him that's all that matters." 

She was right. "So, who's jumper is that?" 

I looked out the window. "Mine?" 

She laughed. "Your trying to busy yourself, more than usual. So what else happened at that camp? Don't tell me you slept with him?" 

I rolled my eyes at such lame assumptions. "I don't know. I miss him beyond belief and not seeing him in the mornings feels weird. I didn't get to say goodbye properly and I miss him, like a lot."

She sighed. "My Gabby is in love. I know how you feel remember?" Yeah, I sure do. But I never thought I would be in this position like ever. Love? I really don't know anymore. 

"Yeah. I need to get over him it wasn't going to last anyways. Let's just enjoy this trip yeah?"

She nodded and turned the volume up so we could sing along to every song that we knew. 

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