MLRB 28: Here At Last

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Twenty Eight: 

"Let go of me."

He put both arms around and held me tighter than ever.

I struggled against him and in return he turned me around and kissed me. His lips on mine. Gabe was kissing me.

On the lips.

My arms subconsciously went around his neck and he lifts me up and swings me around. He kisses me like its our last and I feel everything and more for him then I have ever felt for a human being.

He smiles and I can feel his lips widened. He just made me feel like a bird.

He didn't say anything he just held me and we stood there for a good few minutes before his grip loosened around me.

"Your still perfect to me." His breath lightly tickles my cheek. He guided me back to the bed and we sat down again face to face.

I huffed. "You kissed me."

He nods. "I know."

I can't help but smile because of the goofy look he's giving me is just so damn adorable.

I don't think he heard me before. "You heard what I said right? I have epilepsy Gabe."

He's serious now and the cute face is gone. "I know. I heard you I just don't see what the problem is."

How can he not see what the problem is?

I lie down because I don't know what to say. He does the same and turns me so that he can see my face. My tear stained face.

I'm not much of a cryer and the tears fall silently. He catches my tears and wipes them away. "Talk to me."

I wipe my face with the corner of my jumper. "I don't know where to start."

His arm is proped up and under his head. His muscles clearly showing and slightly distracting me. God, this guy is so beautiful.

My hand reaches out and I trace his jaw just because I can. He grabs my hand and kisses it. This guy has changed from the bipolar hulk to this amazing and caring man.

"I had my very first seizure exactly a year after my brother Caleb passed away. I tried decreasing my dosage to see whether or not this is a short term thing, it wasn't."

He didn't speak he just let me speak. "A couple of months later, my parents got a divorce and that too added to the pressure and so probably a month or two later I had another seizure. Everything was already on edge, my family was falling apart and there was nothing I could about it."

"I was told the list of occupations that I shouldn't pursue, that if I wanted to have children it would have to be medicated, and a whole lot of other shit that I knew. That's why my relationship with both of them are strained and why I needed to go to the doctors. I just don't like the way people treat me when they find out, its the pity 'oh your a handicap' look that I hate so much."

"I just don't want to feel so fragile and weak ever again. And I completely understand if you don't want to be with me because I understand."

Its such a relief saying all of this I can't even tell you how free I feel right now.

"I'll love you even if you are epileptic. Nothing will change the way you make me feel Gabriella, nothing. When we do have kids we'll just have to be careful but that's not for a long time. You love me right?"

Did he even have to ask such a question?

"Of course."

He smiles. "Then trust me."

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