Chapter 57

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Whitneys POV
As we go down the hall we see the boys at the very end "hey Jaden should we tell them we are together" i said whispering into his ear as we approached them. "Whit I missed you" sam says running towards me and Jaden as I hop of of his back running towards him "lil brother" i said as we both fell to the ground laughing "lil brother? Still, you seriously need to give me a better nick name frecks" sam says knowing I hated being called frecks because it was close to freaks "when you stop calling me frecks I'll give you a better nickname" i said standing up "fine freckles fine be that way" he said putting his hands up in surrender "see thats much better lee" i said laughing.

Jaden and I made our way to our room and settled down for a little. I walked up behind Jaden wrapping my arms around him "Hossler imma get on live I haven't been on it in a minute" i said grabbing my phone out of my pocket. "Sounds good imma go meet up with taylor and bryce I'll be back" he said turning around pecking my forehead. "Okay have fun" i said as I sat down on the gloor opening Instagram live.


"Hey guys I haven't been live in so long i missed you" i said as people started to come into the live. User 6 How was you vacation? "So good! Im not gonna lie i miss it there already" i said acting as if I was crying. "But its all good at least I get to meet some of you" i said pushing my hair out of my face. As the live continued The boys walked into the room "whats up whit I haven't seen you in forever" taylor says walking over to me and giving me the biggest hug. "Hey tay tay" i said laughing as I hugged him back "damn I swear I thought we were down with calling me tay tay" taylor said shaking his head "never dude. Never" i said still laughing "say hi to my live" he looks at my phone waving then picks it up and runs away with it

"man why you always gotta do this I'm not finna run idiot" i said standing up as Bryce starts to laugh. I hug him "hey man hows life been" i said pulling out of the hug "really good. You?" Bryce says wiggling his eyebrows "extravagant" i said taking his phone out of his hands and going into my live.

"Guys whits never going to find me" he said walking into Anthonys rooms. User 2 are jaden and whitney dating "Not that I know of" he said sitting down. "Guys this is sus shes not even looking for me" he says. I hand Bryce his phone back and head to ants room as i got there i knock on the door and griff opens it. And i run in and tackle taylor onto the bed snatching my phone "dont ever underestimate me tay tay" i said standing up "how did you...." he said as i cut him off "find you? I watched my live off of Bryce's phone stupid" i said walking away. As i walked back to my room I decided to end the live "sorry guys but i have to go maybe i will go live later i font know" i said ending the live.

As i was about to open the door it flew open and in stood there red lipstick smeared on her face "uh are you good you got lip stick" i pointed around my lips "oh uh yeah its good seeing you" she said trying to give me a hug "yeah you too" i said confused. Why is she hugging me we like never hug. Thats sus and I don't like it. I pat her back as she let me out of the hug, she left and I walk into the room plopping down on the bed "shes a strange one" i said as Jaden walks out of the bathroom "what was?" He said walking towards me "Indiana I've only meet her once and she like hugged me and her lipstick was all over the place. What was she doing kissing bryce?" I said looking up at hime from my phone. He just shrugged and laid down on the bed laying his head on my shoulder scrolling through his phone.


We spent the rest of the day in the hotel room till we all decided to go to dinner. We all walked there and set down as the boys where vlogging i set in between taylor and Jaden. "Whits probably going to order the whole menu" taylor says which causes Anthony and griffin to laugh "probably? More like most definitely" i sent them a death stare and they fall silent "if you may know I was going to get spaghetti actually" as I set the menu down I look over to Jaden who's usually being a chatty Cathy and see Indiana sitting next to him. I just looked away not thinking much of it as i took a hold of his hand intertwining them under the table.  We ate and just enjoyed our time before we headed back to the hotel and settled down for the night.

As I walk out of the bathroom I grab my phone off of the charger and start to scroll through tiktok when I come across a video.

I sit up and look at Jaden who is laying beside me "hey Jaden I need to ask you something serious but I don't want to to get up set with me okay?" I asked as he looks at me "yeah is everything alright" he said propping himself up on his elbows "I ...

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I sit up and look at Jaden who is laying beside me "hey Jaden I need to ask you something serious but I don't want to to get up set with me okay?" I asked as he looks at me "yeah is everything alright" he said propping himself up on his elbows "I mean I hope so" i said shrugging "so whats going on with you and Indiana? I didn't know you guys were so close" I said looking at hime dead in the eyes "we aren't" he said "hmm okay.... well I'm going to go to bed so uh night" i said turning around so my back was facing him. Not close my ass!

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