Chapter 6

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I hear foot steps approach the bathroom door and look up to see Jaden standing there in basketball shorts. "So this is why I had to take a shower in Anthonys room" he said shaking his head grabbing his tooth brush to brush his teeth "so have you been in here the whole time" as he turned around to look at me. "Yup" I said looking at my book reading it still "you really like reading don't you" he said sitting down on the edge of the bathtub still brushing his teeth, I just looked up a nodded my head "wow not only is she shy but she loves to read" he said "wow what a compliment I said as I book marked were I left off and set it beside where he was sitting. I pulled my phone and got on instagram live turning my body around and placing my phone and the wall of the bathtub making my back face Jadens back as he stood at the sink washing his face know. "Hey guys sorry its late but everyone just left the room and I didn't want to go live while they were live to" I said as I see all of the comments roll in "ask me questions" why am I in a bathtub? "Well everyone was in my room and being loud and I was trying to read if you had seen chases live" i said. What where you reading? Well i really like the Harry potter books and I've read the whole Series 3 times and I'm working on round four book two" i said holding my book up. Who is that in the back? "Its Jaden" i said pointing at him he turned around a waved. What happened on the live earlier before you ended in a panic? My face turned red and i just laughed um a lot guys a lot. Jaden laughs and gets in the bathtub beside me and I just look at him. "She accidentally walked in on me when I got out of the shower" he said laughing i just covered my face "awkward" i said sliding down the bathtub. You guys look cute together, Jaden read aloud "thanks" he said "we ate just um friends guys I meet him like a day ago" i said sitting back up. "I honestly wasn't going to say I walked in on him but there you guys go" i said pinning a comment. Whats your favorite song atm and can you sing it? "Well atm it would have to be Aladdin a whole new world lol" i said "yall want me to sing it tho?" I said "you should jaden said which caused all the comments to say yes "I can show you the world. Shinning shimmering splendid , tell me princess now when did you last let your heart decide. I can open your eyes take you wonder bye wonder over side ways and under on a magic carpet ride a whole new world a new fantastic point of view. No one to tell us no or where to go. Okay thats all I'm singing because I'm in a hotel room" i said looking at the comments. Do you have a boyfriend? "Hah I definitely don't im pretty single my friends" i say laughing. You should sing more "yeah but im to shy and i sound crazy cause im like a 12 year old pubescent boy every time my voice cracks" i said laughing. Jaden fell out "well i have to go im like really tired so yeah i don't know if I will go live tomorrow but Ill try to" i said waving bye and ending the live. "So where you really not gonna tell them you walked in on me" he said laughing and getting out of the bathtub. "Uh I still haven't even physical said that I did such a thing im trying to process what happened still" i said getting out of the bathtub going to my bed. "So did you see anything you liked" he said being dead serious "no I didn't really see anything" i said lying Because I had seen everything from head to toe but im not gonna lie i did like what i had seen but I cant say that out loud. I place my book on the night stand and say goodnight with Jaden on my mind

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