Chapter 4

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Whitney POV
We both ended up falling asleep. The next morning I woke up  at 6:00 before all the boys took a shower did my skin care and got dressed for the day as we where supposed to wake up at 7:00 but I'm just an overachiever

 The next morning I woke up  at 6:00 before all the boys took a shower did my skin care and got dressed for the day as we where supposed to wake up at 7:00 but I'm just an overachiever

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When I finished up getting ready I walked out and packed my suit case to save time because I knew I was going to be tired after the show. After I packed my bag I decided to open the connecting door to see that Anthony and Payton were also still asleep so i stood between the doors with a blow horn because at this point it was 7:02 in the morning I blew it as I filmed there reactions. Ive never laughed so hard in my life Anthony sits straight up out of his sleep and all he said was "word" and next thing you know Payton's falling out of the bed I then pan my phone over to Jaden who is passed out still so before time runs out I turned over and jump on his bed as he pulls me down. The video then ended and I post it on tik tok with the caption day 1 of waking the boys up on tour. I then get out of Jadens bed and go into Anthonys bed "man you stink" i said holding my nose he just pushes me over and hits me with a pillow on the way out of the bed. I decided to go live because well all the boys were getting ready and I was already ready (lol)

Tik Tok Live stream

"Hey guys how is your morning going so far" I asked as I laid in Anthony bed. User7 great Im so excited to see all of you today "omg I can't wait to see all of you guys too". User2 who are you sharing a room with? "Im sharing a room with Jaden but Anthony and Paytons room are connected to we just opened our door". "You guys want a room tour lol okay"

I get up and head to the front door to Anthonys room. "So this is Anthonys room guys so you walk in and you see payton then theres a closet to your left and a bathroom with a necked Anthonys in it to your right. You keep walking in and there is Anthonys bed I was just laying on and paytons bed. There dresser and stuff then there balcony, then there is this door leading to my room and this bed closes to the front door is mine and that one is Jadens but other than that it looks the same" I said sitting my phone down on the night stand and sitting on the floor. User10 where is Jaden? Oh Jaden is in the bathroom doing his hair I think let me go see. I picked my phone up and walked to the bathroom forgetting to knock and a necked Jaden was walking out of the shower right as I opened the door "omg I'm so sorry I didn't see anything" I said running into Anthonys room and on to his bed "sorry guys he just got out of the shower" maybe in a little" I said as I ended the live. All the boys where ready and we headed down stairs to meet up with everyone else so we could leave to go to the place we where holding the meet and greet at. We all get down there and get on the bus Anthony and Jaden sat in the very back like last time and me and Cynthia decided to sit on the other side in the very back. "So how was your night with Jaden" Cynthia teased me " fine nothing happened" i said looking at her whispering "oh really I know you think he's hot" Cynthia said "okay maybe but I also sorta seen him necked this morning when he got out of the shower it was bad and embarrassing" i said blushing "no you didn't whit" Cynthia scream causing the boys to look over at us "y'all are weird" Anthony says looking back down at his phone Jaden just smiles at me and I look away. After a while Cynthia leaves me to go sit by chase so I'm sitting by my self looking out the window while Jaden and Anthony are making tik toks.

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