Chapter 49

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Whitney POV
As Jaden made his way back to the table we all got up and left To say bye to the parents who decided to stay for a little longer. As we walked back to the house I got tired of walking so I made Jaden give me a piggyback ride the rest of the way. As we got back to the house I got off of Jadens back and we walked into the house. I ran up stairs to my room to take a shower and change because I was tired of being dressed up. As I got out of the shower I changed into this

I grabbed my laptop and my phone and made my way down stairs heading out side to sit and soak in the cool air

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I grabbed my laptop and my phone and made my way down stairs heading out side to sit and soak in the cool air. As I sat there taking in the sun set and the great view I decided to go live.


"Hey guys" I said sitting there the screen if my laptop reflecting off of my glasses. User6 how is vacation "its going great so far say we just got here like five hours ago" i said trying to find some music to play on my laptop. User9 where are the boys "uhh probably in there room" i said pointing inside. I sat there singing and just reading through the comments when Jaden made his way out side "hey whit" he said coming behind me and hugging "and here is Jaden everyone" I said poking his nose "oh hey guys" he said sitting down on my lap "Hossler there is literally like so many places you can sit but you sit on my lap" I said laughing. "This is the comfiest spot" he said wiggling on my lap "you better be glad you have cake" I said wrapping my arms around his Torso. User2 if this isn't the cutest thing i read I just laughed, user5 where did you get your necklace from "oh Jaden actually got it for me" i said leaning closer to my phone to show it off. User1 Im not crying you are "oh and look who all is coming out" i said pointing to Anthony and Griffin. "Well Im gonna get off but I love you" i said ending the live

"Y'all need something" i said Jaden getting up "yeah me and ant are leaving to get some ice cream do you wanna come" griff said "no I'm good I'm gonna watch some 13 reasons why" i said sitting my phone down "okay we will be back later" ant said him and griff walking back inside and leaving "so you wanna go swimming" i said looking at Jaden "yeah sure let me go change" he said about to walk inside "no need lets go" I said grabbing his hand and running into the sand towards the dock. I stripped down into my under wear and bra and jumped in "have you never seen a girl in her undergarments" i said as i started to swim in the water "uh no not really" he said "well are you gonna get in you can't leave me hanging now" i said splashing water at him "uhh yes" he said as he took his shirt off then his pants then jumping in. "See was that bad" i said swimming around him "No" he said getting comfortable as we just had fun swimming around in the water. After a while I swam over to him as his tall ass could touch the bottom of the water And wrapped my arms around him. "Hi whit" he said as he wrapped his arms around my waist "hi Hossler" i said moving his hair out of his face and placing my head on his fore head. "You did a pretty bold thing back at the restaurant Hossler, putting your hand on my thigh like that" i said giggling "oh I did, did I" He said his hands still around my waist. I knew he wanted to touch me so bad but why wasn't he I wanted him to touch me everywhere, i said to myself.

Jadens POV
I wanted to touch whitney so bad but I didn't know exactly what to do I've never done stuff like this with a girl not even my ex girl friend, the closes thing that we did was a peck on the lips and that soon ended after 2 months i thought to myself. "Whit can I tell you something" I said very hesitant "yeah is everything okay" she said lifting my head up "I-I've never actually touched a girl in a sexual way before" i stuttered "never mind for get what I just said" i said letting go of her waist swimming towards the dock. "No wait come back" she said swimming towards me as I stopped "thats okay theres a first for everything" she said smiling. "Please stay" she said i just nodded my head I was so embarrassed, next thing you know she had taken her bra off and through it onto the dock. She took my hands "don't be scared" she said as I took a deep breath she placed my hands on her breast moving them around and messaging them as she moaned. I wasn't gonna lie I really liked it, her breast were so perfect and it turned me on. "You like that" she said letting go of my hands kissing me as I let go to grab her face she pressed her body up against mine as our lips moved in sync. We then heard ant which made us move apart "hey guys were back" he said closing the door "shit" whitney said swimming to the deck. At this point it was dark out side and all you could see was the moon and the stars. She got on the dock and put her bra and clothes back on "come on" she said as I pulled my shirt over my head she took my hand and we ran back up to the house as she giggled the whole way back, Man do I love this girl.

I apologize for any spelling mistakes on any of the chapters english isn't even my first language.

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