Chapter 23

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Whitney POV
I wake up the next morning before all of the boys like usual and scrolled through Instagram seeing edits of me and Jaden. "Wow" i said rolling out of the bed, i got up and grabbed my glasses because I'm blind and grab my clothes from from my suit case that chases decided to pick out for me when we went shopping. I decided to not wear makeup because well I was being lazy, i took my shower got dressed and put my contacts in.

I walked out of the bathroom and the boys had finally awake "it took y'all 10 years" i said putting my stuff back in my suit case

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I walked out of the bathroom and the boys had finally awake "it took y'all 10 years" i said putting my stuff back in my suit case. Noen and chase get out of the bed and Jaden just scrolls through his phone "are you good" i asked him sitting down on the bed "yeah next stop for tour is in Tennessee" he said a sad look crossed his face "your gonna be fine" i said laying back giving him a hug "yeah I hope so" he said leaning his head on my shoulder. "How cute" Noen says point at us then making a heart with his hands, I throw a pillow at him flicking him off. I get up and decided to go live on Instagram


"Hi everyone" i said putting lip gloss on "so who's ready for the show today" i said looking at the comments. User7 what are you wearing today? "Uh not so funny story chases bought me an out fir to wear so this is it" i said standing up showing them the full fit. User2 you are so pretty wth "thanks but I'm not my freckles make me look crazy but I was to lazy to put makeup on today" i said resting my head on my hand. "No your not your face is beautiful" Jaden said coming up be hind and squatting down rest his head on mine. "Haha thanks Hossler" i said, user6 omg there so cute can i like be them "guys he's just my like best friend under Noen" i said laughing Noen then appearing in the live "yeah I am". "Well I'm gonna go see you later my baby's" i said ending the live.

I stand up and walk over to grab my backpack "beautiful face uhh" looking at Jaden "yeah your like so pretty" he said "hmm okay" i said smirking all the way down to the lobby. We got on to the bus and I opened snapchat "guys Jaden thinks I'm beautiful, somebody has a has a crush on me" i said panning it to Jaden who was blushing sitting next to Anthony, me and Anthony then started chanting "Jaden has a crush, Jaden has a crush" the video ended and I posted it. We made it to the show and we settled in as the early access was getting there. Of course I was standing between Jaden and Anthony, all the fans came through and it was a lot of fun. For some reason I was feeling really touchy and was in the hugging mood, it was like I had just drank and energy drink and it was in full effect. After the meet and greet was done and before we headed up on stage I jumped on to Jadens back "lets go Hossler" i said wrapping my arms around his neck. I didn't realize that some of the girls took videos "i like it when you call me Hossler" he said blushing "i bet you do" i said as we finally approach the stage. I get off of his back and he gets on the stage to sing. I seen Anthony in the crowd in the very back so I ran over to him. We took a couple pictures with fans and Jaden was talking to much, i look over to Anthony and we both nod at each other "just sing" we yelled in unison "just sing" we said again at that point falling out laughing. And of course he started to sing, after the show we of course had dinner date so we all went to the restaurant. We waited for our tables and finally got seated, once again being seated with Jaden "you just really want a date with me uh Whit" he said as I sat down next to him. "Omg your so full of your self" i said we ate dinner and hung out with the fans. After the dinner date I headed back to the hotel with chase and a Cynthia. I got to my room and went to the bathroom and seat criss cross apple sauce on the counter top leaning against the wall and went live propping my phone against my makeup bag.

"Bonjour" i said making my self laugh as I took a swig of water. User8 How do you manage to look that pretty at the end of the day "you guys gotta stop hyping me up like that" i said taking one of my contacts out and placing it in my little holder. User 6 why are you always in the bathroom "honestly idk I like to read in the bath tub and sit on the counter when I do my make up its just a habit i guess" i said shrugging my shoulders as I took out the other contact and the putting my glasses on. User 3 where is everyone "well chase and Cynthia are off doing god now what and everyone else is still out" i said. User 14 did you see the video of you on Jaden's back? "Oh I didn't know cool" i said as I turned on pretty young things. I got up and started to dance and sing to it "I want to love you pretty young thing" i song as Noen and Jaden walked through the door. "Well thats the end of that everybody" i said sitting back on the counter "they caught me" i said scrunching my nose.
"Well i hope you guys had a great day and im gonna head off of here and get ready for bed" i said, i ended the live then hopped in the shower.

I forgot to grab my clothes and when I walk out I realized there was no towels so at this point I'm standing in the bathroom butt ass necked and need some body to get towels and me some clothes. "Hey" i said cracking the door "yeah" i hear Jaden say "this is gonna sound weird but like can you get some towels from another room or like bring me my pajamas to wear because like I'm cold" i said really fast "I didn't understand one word you said" he said to me still laying on the bed "can you get towels or bring mr pajamas im cold" i yelled "oh well why didn't you just say that" he said laughing, i could here him get off of the bed "what clothes do you want" he said well when you open my suit case there are gray shorts and a tank top sitting at the very too when you open it" i said my back against the door "found them" he said walking to the bathroom door. I had to then open the bathroom door but the door opens out words so i take my left arm and put it over my boobs covering my self up and I open the door with my right as I went to grab the clothes I forgot I was necked and moved my left arm exposing my boobs and flashing Jaden. I grabbed the clothes so fast and closed the door "I'm so sorry about that" i said sliding down the door. I just flashed Jaden Hossler i said to my self haha at least i shaved i said once again to myself sticking my tongue out as I stood up to put my clothes on.

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