Chapter 10

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Whitney POV
I knocked on Anthonys and Payton's door and see Anthony trying to find a shirt "you should wear your jersey" i said sitting down on his bed "someone's in a good mood this morning today" he said laughing "I can't just be happy" i said standing up and going into his bathroom to take a mirror picture "i like the fit" payton said "thanks, so payton have you talked to avani yet" i said apply some more lip gloss on my lips "ahhh no not yet" he said looking down "well you should a little birdie told me she liked you so" i said as i walked of the bathroom leaving him shook.
"Hey can I ask a question whit" Anthony said coming and sitting down beside me "yeah Ant" "do you like someone "omg why is everyone asking me that" i said standing up "your just like happier than usual like in a in love type way" he said giggling "oh what ever I'm just happy" i said. After a while of being in Anthonys room it was time to load on to the bus. The meet and greet started at 12:00 and it was 11:00 so we really had to go.

*skip the bus ride*

We get to the meet and great and payton switched with madi so he could stand by avani, and i was still standing between Jaden and Anthony. As the meet and greet went on one of the girls came up to me and Jaden and asked for a picture together "you two look cute together" she said "thank you" i said just being kind "are you guys dating" she said facing us with her phone recording "oh no sorry" i said i didn't know what to do so i just hugged her and she moved to Anthony next. For the rest if the meet and greet all of the boys were hugging the girls a stuff. It was finally time for the show and everyone wanted me to "no i cant sing" next thing i know Jaden spoke up "you want me to sing with whitney" he said all the girls freaked out "okay ill do it but i pick the song" i went and got my ukulele and started playing the tone to one day bu Tate McRae. After the song was over every one cheered and then we just dance and had fun. After the boys had diner dates so Cynthia, Avani, Madi and I went to have a girls night because it was madi and avani last day on tour which was sad because me and Cynthia were the only girls on tour. We decided to go surfing while there was still daylight.

Whitney's Instagram

@whitneyreeves: my babys @madi and @avaanniiAre leaving me tonight 😢

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@whitneyreeves: my babys @madi and @avaannii
Are leaving me tonight 😢

@christainramero: imma miss my baby @madi
@User7: how do you guys look pretty in surfing gear like can i be you.
@xlilhuddy: jealous
@samhurley: same where was my invite
@JadenHossler: surfer girls? Word.
@LuvAnthony: word.
@whitneyreeves: bro word!

End of comments

We headed back to the hotel and madi and avani both left which left me and Cynthia in the hotel room alone till the boys got back (oh and avani and whitney ended over coming there differences so they are on good terms) as we set there with face mask on because we had already took showers and had pajamas on " so me and chase are getting really close" she said looking at me "yeah we all can tell" I said laughing "your like always on each other" i said looking at her "sooo how is your progress with getting Jaden" she said "there is no progress because i don't like" and before i can get his name out all of the boys come in to the room and me and Cynthia go and wash our face mask off. "Where back" Anthony yells. After a while cynthia and chase left and the other boys left which left griff, Anthony, payton who was face timing Avani and Jaden. I decided to go live while Anthony, griff and Jaden decided to make tiktoks in the bathroom.

"Hey babys how are you doing" i said sitting down on the bed after getting my laptop off the dresser

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"Hey babys how are you doing" i said sitting down on the bed after getting my laptop off the dresser. "So im trying to learn the cords for i love you by my girl billie" i said my phone propped up on my laptop. So i loved meeting all of you today" i said but all of the comments were asking about the boys. Where are the boys? "Well Anthony, Griff and Jaden are in the bathroom like a bunch of weirdos and the other boys left to go to sleep in there rooms because we are leaving tomorrow morning for our next show" i said finally getting the cords. "Guys Im going to sing it for you if thats okay" I said nervously.

(We are just gonna pretend thats her singing)

The boys heard me singing and stuck there heads out and started to record me. When I finished singing i leaned closer to my phone to see the comments, omg that sounded so good whitey. "Thank you i was a little pitchy but i will just work on it" i said just strumming. "Pitchy my ass" I hear from a distant "shut up ant" i said "where you guys watching me" i said looking at all three of them "uhh awkward" griff said running out. Payton and Anthony soon left and it was just me and Jaden in our room all alone with one bed and no feelings towards each other. I sat on the bed just strumming and I think Jaden could tell I was a little Skeptical about sleeping in the bed with him "hey You can have the bed i will sleep on the floor" he said taking a pillow off "I'm not mean you can sleep on the bed" i said patting it "I can't promise you that I'm not gonna bite but your at your own risk" i said laughing he walked over to the bed and laid down getting under the covers in just sweats. I turned my light off and we laid there his back facing me and me laying on my back "hey whitney" he said "yeah" i said "i just want to let you know that I really like you you have an amazing voice" he said, i didn't know what to say he likes me like likes me likes me!

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