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Jaden Hossler  by Whitneymmg13
Jaden Hossler by Whitney
Whitney reeves twin sister to Anthony reeves ends up going on the lights out tour with her brother when she meets his best friend Jaden Hossler and develops feelings for...
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✧・゚: *✧ stupid boys ✧・゚: *✧ by _zz0ee
✧・゚: *✧ stupid boys ✧・゚: *✧by zoee
✧Lenguaje arrrrrgentino ✧Hay fotos de gente famooosa :) ✧Y nada mas para decir, disfruteeen
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EXILE TRIBE SCENARIOS ❤ by janekieyh98
This is a composition of short stories with our very own Exile Tribe groups be it the guys or the girls. There are some OC put here too hope you'll check this out!
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Jojo Siwa joins a gang by ClassyLime
Jojo Siwa joins a gangby Lemons in my SaUCe
I was watching a youtube video and they joked that jojo joined a gang so I went lik" hmmmmm"
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monkey app// Jaden Hossler by yourlovedaisy
monkey app// Jaden Hosslerby Daisy
i was messing around on the monkey app with my bestfriend and we found these guys that were sooooo good looking......
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E girl (reader) x E boy (crush) by strongegirlvibes
E girl (reader) x E boy (crush)by strongegirlvibes
you are a famous tik toker, kind of like a b-tech Belle Delphine. Big lad WillNE and Memeulous bully you because they can but don't fret e-boy timothy is here to rescue...
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Clout and Common Sense by Lizaacx
Clout and Common Senseby Lizaacx
E-Girls Vs VSCO Girls. When will the fight end. Well in these girls' worlds, it does. Every year. The Clout Games. 9 Districts come together to battle out (not physical...
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ꫀꪑρꪖ𝕥ꫝ by enzobeanzo
ꫀꪑρꪖ𝕥ꫝby loser 🤎
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Rebels🖤⛓ by ur_local_egirl_
Rebels🖤⛓by ur_local_egirl_
Story is about Lexi and her bsf Alyssa falling in love with the new edgy boys; READ IF U LIKE EBOYS 🖤💀😌
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Pieces of the Past by tnsjiley4life
Pieces of the Pastby Kirsten
We were all a part of this group. Michelle, Emily, Stephanie, Tiffany, Giselle, Chloe, and I. It wasn't exactly what you'd expect though. There was always secrets, alwa...
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Curiosity by janekieyh98
Curiosityby 3JSBlover
Curiosity brought two souls together. Two souls that would tangle and would force to untangled. A/N: This is a HIromixKAren Fanfiction.
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J-Pop/K-Pop Lyrics!!! by -KimchiLuv-
J-Pop/K-Pop Lyrics!!!by Gabrielle Choi
Title explains it all! Make sure to request Kpop or Jpop lyrics!
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Highschool 🖤🥀 by SlumpXcope
Highschool 🖤🥀by Beadhead
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voice disconnected by madilyn1738
voice disconnectedby madilyn white
bella was just a normal 17 year old egirl enjoying her last summer - until electronic affairs became too real.
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Misguided| Bwwm by AMtheWriter
Misguided| Bwwmby LG(B)T
Growing up Monae Davis wasn't great at making friends because she learned at a young age that everyone who say they would stay forever never did so she stop depending an...
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the neighbour and the classmate by c1ouds
the neighbour and the classmateby paula.
you're from a small town called susquehanna, pennsylvania. you move to la because your dad got a new job. your neighbour is a loving, caring and cute boy. your classmate...
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Checkmate by sHIFTYaSHER
Checkmateby sHIFTYaSHER
just read lmao
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JPop Graphics by _SummerMochi_
JPop Graphicsby ♡たくさん♡
A place where I make covers, wallpapers, edits, etc. : D
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Fire by eleonorasavas
Fireby abby
In which she has fire and he likes to play with fire
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MISCELLANEOUS BOOK 🌹 by cole-sprouts
just a book of random crap that I decided to share with you guys. [includes; rants, edits, drawings + more.]
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