Chapter 38

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Whitney POV
Next thing you know I hear a knock at my door "come in" i said standing up as the door opened showing Jaden at my door. "Hi" i said giggling "welcome to my room" i said dumping my suit case on to my bed. "I like it" he said walking in and closing my door "so can we talk its like really important" he said "okay yeah" i said sitting down at the edge of my bed and him sitting down at my desk chair "So first I wanted to just apologize about the whole troy thing" he said looking at me face to face "I wont lie I was incredibly jealous Because... well because I really like you and want to be with you" he said. And with all seriousness I was thinking the same thing and I wanted to talk to him about that. "I actually wanted to talk to you about that Hossler" I said scooting closer to him "I fell in love with you the first day I meet you in the car, and I want to be with you but the only problem is that I'm only 17 and your 18" i said looking down "one I don't want the fans to talk about our ages because that would be a never ending story and two I don't want you to catch a case because I'm not 18 yet... But don't get me wrong I really do want to be with you" i said walking over to him "No don't feel bad I totally understand were your coming from and your right, we should definitely wait I like you to much to lose you" he said walking over to me. "Good thats a relief" i said as we hugged each other he placed a kiss on my forehead "oh and I do forgive you" i said.

Next thing you know I'm being pushed against the wall and kisses are being placed down my necked making me let out a moan. "No hickeys" i said moaning again "thats okay baby girl he said picking me up as I wrapped my legs around his waist. Making out with him passionately, he laid me down on my bed and hovered over me "your so beautiful" he said coming up to breath as he comes down to go back to kissing I seen his bulge from his sweats and started to palm him through his sweats as he let out moans "you can't tease me like that" he said rolling over. I got on top of him and started to grind on top of him as we continued kissing. "I love you Hossler" i said getting off of him and standing up fixing my self. I don't know what just got into me I've never done anything sexual like that in my life and I liked it i said to myself. He got up "um im glad we could talk" he said we both just fell out laughing "yeah good talk" i said he then stood up and I just so happened to look down "you should probably fix what's happening in your pants first before you head down stairs with the boys" i said pointing at his pants "oh yeah most definitely" he said putting his hands in his pocket "wheres the bathroom at" he said "well your not using mine but if you walk out of my room its the third door to your right" i said laughing "okay thanks" he said walking out. I laid down on my back looking up at the ceiling smiling internally screaming.

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