Chapter 28

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Whitney POV
After the dinner date we all decided to head back to the hotel to hang out and what not, me still not realizing that I left my blanket at Jadens house. We all went into chase and Anthonys room and hung out all the boys either live or making tiktoks. Me on the other hand was laying on the ground watching all the boys I've loved before for the twentieth time with one arm just ip in the air "your so weird" Jaden says walking over to the bed "wow I thought you said I was BEAUTIFUL!" I said screaming beautiful "ohh Jays being exposed" griff says laughing "imma put it out there my sister is pretty weird i mean look at her she's laying on the floor when theres two beds and a chair" Anthony explains "but... you cant lie you have the biggest crush on her" Anthony says laughing, Jaden just turns red "oh I feel the chant coming on" i said "Jaden has a crush on me, Jaden has a crush on me" i said now my legs up in the air, he just started to blush. I decided to change the subject "hey chases wheres Cynthia?" I asked "um I don't know honestly" he said looking over at me "why?" He said curious. " because I wanted to ask you something important! So do you really like Cynthia or is it just a phase." I said sitting up " honestly I don't even know anymore I thought I liked her but she's a lot to handle and not in like a good way" he said sighing.

Little did chase know Cynthia's parents didn't want her to date Chase because he was 17 and she's too young. " has she talk to you about anything" i hinted trying not to say to much because I didn't want to see him hurt he is like a brother to me. "No she been kinda distant" he said "well I think you two should talk" i said going over and playing in his hair "I will thanks" he said. I was about to walk away when chase pulled me back over "hey why did you stop playing with my hair" he said all sorts of serious "well sorry mr. Five year old" i said laughing. And started playing with his hair again I could tell Jaden was jealous but were just friends so.

Jadens POV
As whitney was talking to chase about talking to Cynthia, I decided I needed to talk to her it was time I told her how I felt. its not like I didn't tell her that I really like her already and shit my mom already outed me in front of her. So here was my chance to tell her I wanted to be more than friends. I laid on the bed as she played with chases hair wishing it was my hair she was playing with.

Whitney POV
It started to get late so I said goodnight to Anthony, payton and chase and headed to me and Jadens room. I walked in putting my phone on the bed getting my pajamas out of my suit case, i went into the bathroom forgetting my phone on the bed. I took my shower and put my pajamas on.

 I took my shower and put my pajamas on

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^I wore this^

As i was putting my pj on i could her my phone blowing up but I didn't pay attention to it.

Jadens POV
I walked into the room while whitney was taking a shower so I just laid in my bed and went live. During my live I could hear Whitney's phone blowing up "sorry Whitney's phone is going off im gonna take it to her" i said getting up and grabbing her phone. As I walked to the bathroom door i knocked but she didn't hear me so i just walked back to the live. After the live I got off and her phone was still going off. I knew I shouldn't but I was going to I couldn't it i had to see who it was.

Troy Zarba: I miss you
Troy Zarba: I have nobody to skate bored with
Troy zarba: your in town I'm coming to see you
Troy zarba: I cant wait to hold you witty
Troy Zarba: an hour into the drive another hour to go can't wait!!
Troy Zarba: 😁😁

End of text

She lied she does have a boyfriend wth I can't tell her now. I said I heard her get out of the shower and she was about to come out so i put her phone back on the bed, and laid in mine like nothing happened. She walks out "your phones been blowing up non stop" i said "oh thanks" she said walking over to her phone "NO WAY" she said jumping up and down.

Whitney POV
As I walked out Jaden told me my phone was going off, walked over to my phone to see my best friend in the whole entire world was coming to see me "NO WAY" i said jumping up and down "your awful exited" Jaden said "yeah troy is coming to see me" I said "i have to tell Anthony" i said as i ran down the hall to Anthonys room. I knocked till the door opened "chase, Anthony, troy is coming to see me" i said jumping "when?" Anthony said "now he should be getting here any minute" i said "come on we gotta go to the lobby" i said pulling chases arm. We made it to the lobby and waited for him, my phone dinged and he texted me he was here. He then walked through the doors and I ran over and hugged him as he spun me in a circle "omg I've missed you this is the longest we have been apart" i said him letting go and putting me down "i know" Anthony and chase said high and hugged him. We went back to Anthony and chases room and hung out because he was gonna stay in there. "So witty you and Jaden" he said smirking "stop it" i said pushing his arm "what you obviously like him" he said "yeah like a lot" chase piped in. I just rolled my eyes "okay maybe like a lot" i said putting the pillow over my face "knew it" Anthony yelled. You wanna meet him I said "yeah" come on I said but before he got off the bed I jumped on his back "same old you" he said laughing. We got to my room "hey jaden" i said "hey" he said he looked so sad "this is my Troy" i said "hey man" he said getting up greeting himself. "Well it was nice meeting you jaden" he said "bye whit" he said walking back to Anthonys room. Jaden didn't say a word to me for the rest of the night, why was he ignoring me? Did I do something?

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