The Nordic Five x Male!Reader (Drinking Games)

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Matthias howled with laughter, smacking poor Emil on the back, almost knocking him off his chair. The Dane was currently on (and nearly done) his fifth beer, and his beer mug wasn't tiny either, mind you. Emil rolled his shoulders trying to ease the pain. Matthias may be drunk, but he was still a really strong asshole.

Emil's older brother Lukas entered the room, his face expressionless.

"Is he drunk again?" he asked. Emil's simply nodded, biting his tongue to hold back a whimper of pain. Matthias now had his head on the table; thunderous snores making his beer mug shake. Lukas simply sighed and shoved the sleeping Dane off his chair, watching him slide to the ground, and then took his spot.

"I should tell you, Tino, Berwald, and [Male name] are coming over today. They should be here in about five minutes." Emil raised his eyebrows.


“Because I'm sick and tired of being in the company of this idiot,” he replied, pointing at Matthias, who was still snoring his pants off. Emil nodded, agreeing.

Just then, the doorbell rang, signaling the arrival of their guests. Emil got up and opened the door. Standing there was a very tall Swede, who towered over Emil by quite a lot, casting a shadow over the short Tino, and even [Male name] who was already pretty tall.

Emil stepped aside and allowed the three men to come inside. [Male name] smiled at Emil as he passed, causing the male to blush slightly. Pretending to be very interested on a spot on the wall behind him, Emil busied himself in hiding his face so [Male name] couldn't see.

[Male name] looked around. He wished he had a house like this. The place was huge! At least twice the size of his flat. He was quite jealous, looking around the main room, seeing all the cool furnishings and decorations...

"[Male name]?" a voice asked, snapping said male out of his thoughts. He smiled at Lukas, who had just spoken.

"Hey, sorry. Just admiring your place, that’s all,” he said. He looked around. Someone was missing.

“Where’s Matthias?” He asked. Lukas simply rolled his eyes and pointed at the floor, where the sleeping Dane lay.

“Oh,” was all [Male name] said. Suddenly, Matthias’s eyes snapped open, and he unsteadily got to his feet.

“[Male name]!” he said. Said male cautiously stepped forward, holding out his arms in case the drunken Dane fell.

“Matthias, you okay?” He asked, slightly wary. Matthias only grinned harder.

“Hey dude! Let’s play some drinking games!” He said. [Male name] paused. Would that really be a good idea? Everyone else seemed to have the same doubts, but Matthias had managed to convince everyone to join him.

“Alright! It’s a card game. Every time you lose a game, you have to take a shot!” Matthias said, his words slurring. [Male name] definitely didn’t like the sound of it, but he really wanted to hang out with the Nordic Five again, they were his closest friends!

And so, the games began. [Male name] was a pretty good card player, but he still lost twice, therefore, he was a little woozy, but by then Matthias had taken 5 shots, Lukas had taken 1, Emil had taken 3 shots, Tino had taken 4, and Berwald, well, he was completely sober.

After the final game, (in which Matthias lost, bringing his total drunkenness to OVER 9000!!!!!) [Male name] was feeling tired, and he helped Berwald in carrying poor Tino over to the couch, where they set him down to sleep.

“[Male name], you should go t’ sleep too. You c’n sleep h’re if you w’nt, you shouldn’t b’ dr’v’n’.” Berwald said.

[Male name] smiled warmly, making Berwald’s cheeks turn a little pink.

“Sure, thanks Ber…” He murmured, making his way towards the bedrooms. Before he left however, he felt a hand grip his arm. He turned around slowly, and he saw Matthias’s face quite close to his. Without warning, he felt lips brush against his own, and his fogged up brain managed to realize that he had just been kissed by his best friend.

Matthias simply giggled as he buried his face into [Male name]’s chest, wrapping his arms around his neck. [Male name] started to feel his cheeks flush a little before shaking his head, looking around. Everyone’s eyes were on them.

[Male name] shifted. He wasn’t quite used to this, as he wasn’t really the type to get drunk often. He processed that Lukas was walking towards him, and he sighed relived, waiting for the Norwegian man to take Matthias’s weight off his neck.

But such relief didn’t come, as he felt a hand tickle his neck. He stared at Lukas a bit, wondering what he was doing, before he felt lips brushing his neck, in exactly the same place where Lukas had just tickled him. Lukas then simply walked away towards the bedrooms, where [Male name] heard a door quietly shut.

Then came Emil, trying to look confident, who shoved his lips forcefully right onto his lips, leaning over Matthias, before blushing furiously and quickly walking back to where his brother was.

Now [Male name] was in quite a shock, as he had just been kissed thrice in 5 minutes. But it didn’t stop there. Feeling left out, Berwald and Tino (who just so happened to conveniently wake up at that specific moment) walked over to [Male name], who couldn’t move because of Matthias.

[Male name] felt Berwald wrap his arms around his waist from behind, while Tino pried Matthias off of his front and gently set him down on the ground, before hugging [Male name], taking Matthias’s spot. [Male name] blushed as he felt Berwald trail kisses up and down his neck and Tino trail kisses along his jaw. He had never felt this much pleasure before…

The next morning, [Male name] had a bit of a hangover. He couldn’t quite remember what had happened last night, before it all came back to him. The kisses. He blushed furiously. But he had all his clothes on and he was in his own room, so that was good news. He breathed a sigh of relief, getting ready for breakfast. However, when he stepped out, he was greeted with all 5 of the Nordics hugging him tightly and kissing him softly. Yep, he could get used to this...

~~~~~~~~~~Author’s Note~~~~~~~~~~


Yeah, well, I’m sorry if it was a little rushed at the end, but I'm a little short on time and I really wanted to get this off my plate, so here you are my beautiful bananas!

Anyways, cheers to vanassaluffsyuh for the idea, she REALLY likes the Nordic five, ha-ha.

And remember, I write fluff, so try not to request something too dirty~

Anyways, ciao my sexy pastas!



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