Legends meet Demigods (Percy Jackson/Rise of the Guardians) by Linesk0123
Legends meet Demigods (Percy Line S. K.
What would happen if Percy Jackson meets Jack Frost and the rest of the guardians? What if Annabeth wasn't okay after Tartarus, with Nightmares hunting her time, both a...
  • demigods
  • rise-of-the-guardians
  • tooth-fairy
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Giving Way to the Light by TygerSong
Giving Way to the Lightby TygerSong
Not all of the Man in the Moon's creations are as simple as the Guardians. Vera Night is a perfect example of this. Alone for over a thousand years, ignored and misunder...
  • frost
  • riseofthegaurdians
  • hotel
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Guardian Of The Dragon by ChaylynnLuvasYew
Guardian Of The Dragonby Chaylynn Luvas Yew
Hiccup and Jack Frost fan fiction - After a disastrous event took place in Hiccups life, his only hope for finding out how to be seen by his loved ones again rests in th...
  • hiccup
  • httyd
  • yaoi
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The Guardian Angel~ A Bunnymund x reader fanfiction by ZoeTheSpiritWitch
The Guardian Angel~ A Bunnymund ZoeTheSpiritWolf
Ever wonder, who was the first spirit made by The Man in the Moon? Ever wonder, who he or she was? Ever wonder, what happened to him or her? Then this story is just for...
  • toothiana
  • fanfiction
  • pitch
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Possession of Jack Frost by acrisafu
Possession of Jack Frostby Angelica Rose
After 10 years, Pitch Black returns and there is just one thing on his mind. Jack Frost. He will stop at nothing to get the boy on his side. No matter the cost. Will the...
  • yaoi
  • pitchblack
  • nighrmarejack
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Affect by HunterWaters0
Affectby Hunter Waters
Pitch Black nearly kills jack instead of hitting him into the ice at the South Pole
  • betrayal
  • rotg
  • betrayed
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Trick Or Treat. A Jack Frost Rise Of The Guardians Fanfic (Completed) by XxParadiseLostxX
Trick Or Treat. A Jack Frost Perri Lost
Hally Ween is the spirit of Halloween. With her busy immortal life of planning Halloween and with the help of her Halloween Helpers she makes Halloween the fun happy hoi...
  • rise
  • tooth
  • gaurdians
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The Daughter and the Niece of the Moon (Jelsa and Flynnunzel) by MidnightStarCat
The Daughter and the Niece of Dying From All The Jikook
Elsa and Rapunzel thought their lives couldn't get crazier. Truth is Elsa is Daughter of the Moon and Rapunzel is Niece of the Moon (Crazy right). So Manny tells North t...
  • romance
  • mystery
  • brave
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The Tiger Lily - A Rise of the Guardians Fanfiction by E-I-C-F
The Tiger Lily - A Rise of the Anniccino
Tiger Lily has been around for only 3 years. She's physically 15, she is the Spirit of Animals, and the Guardian of Imagination. Lily is still getting used to life as a...
  • dreamworks
  • nightmare
  • moon
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The Moon guardian (Bunnymund x Oc) by Black_Rock_Shooter78
The Moon guardian (Bunnymund x Oc)by Magical_Chubby_Bunny78
Roselin has loved spring and summer since she was small. She always got to see her favorite bunny The Easter Bunny. She always like his company. One night everything hap...
  • emotional
  • lovestory
  • bunnymund
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Fictional character X readers by adventuretimefanitc
Fictional character X readersby Eyebags
Various oneshots with fictional characters from anime, games, vocaloid and cartoons. Requests are CLOSED for the time being, if I don't get to yours right away don't wo...
  • romance
  • blackbutler
  • deathnote
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Favorite brothers!!!! (Rotg/HTTYD/BH6/TWEWY) by NekuTsukumo96
Favorite brothers!!!! (Rotg/ Yuma Sakuraba
Some of these parts are photos of which of the brothers are the best, and others are Chapters figuring of the best brothers.
  • hiccuphaddock
  • rotg
  • bighero6
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Protector of Lost Children by CSP2708
Protector of Lost Childrenby Carolin S. Petersen
Protector of Lost Children Rise of the Guardians Fanfiction Summary: Lupa was made a spirit for reasons unknown to her. Ever since her first moment, she'd been all on h...
  • jackfrost
  • rotg
  • children
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My Guardian by Belle191
My Guardianby Belle
When I was younger, my father told me stories of the adventure he had with Santa, Tooth Fairy, Sandman, Easter Bunny and Jack Frost. He said they had stopped the Boogie...
  • sandman
  • jackfrost
  • rise
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The Boy and the Beast (Hijack) by edshoney
The Boy and the Beast (Hijack)by 𝘦𝘥𝘨𝘺 𝘣𝘢𝘣𝘺
I don't own this story. The original writer is [marssetta from]
  • dreamworks
  • beauty
  • rotgfanfic
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A Jack Frost x Reader Story~ My Only Snowflake [REVISING!!] by YukiSunshine
A Jack Frost x Reader Story~ My ♡Yuki-san♡
[COMPLETED/REVISING] Plot: You lost your parents after they were killed. Pitch told you that he is your real father and he already married your Mother, Elise. He then st...
  • comedy
  • sweet
  • love
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She will be loved by Frozenheart10947
She will be lovedby Stay close to me
Elsa Arendelle is a depressing girl.She know everyone hates her and just use her.She thinks she worthless and wants to die.Her parents favorite Anna and act like Elsa no...
  • guardians
  • kristoff
  • frozen
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Opinions on Ships by PerrythePlatypusGirl
Opinions on Shipsby Maria
Yeah, I'm doing one of these things. I'll be taking Non/Disney ships only (ie RotBTFD/MtiBHB and the like), so go ahead and ask Warning: I'm brutally honest
  • rotbtd
  • frozen
  • hoteltransylvania
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Percy The Guardian by PokemonDestiny
Percy The Guardianby Marissa
Female Percy Jackson x Rise Of The Guardians When Percy dies Manny, aka Artemis, brings her back as a Guardian. I suck at summaries. Just read it. And Tooth is going to...
  • femalepercy
  • rotg
  • wattys2018
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The chosen one by Rovi-Chan
The chosen oneby Rovi
Jack found an interest in the poor girl in the orphanage. What he didn't know would soon blow his mind. He'd searched the whole world for a girl with a pendant, but find...
  • rotg
  • tooth
  • humor
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