Met by accident- namjoon

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I am a really clumsy girl , my name is Kim y/n and all I do is destroy things where ever I go.
I was right now at supermarket grabbing necessary stuff for me , stuffing my snacks in the trolley, while picking up some chocolates ,I left the trolley for a while and as soon as I turned back I saw my trolley hitting a guy and all of my snacks just falling out . I quickly rushed towards it and said worriedly " oh my God are you OK?" I said quickly hugging my pack of chips . The guy replied " oh I'm fine..." But stopped in his tracks when he saw me asking that from my snacks. He gave me a disgusted look and said " oh really now you care about your snacks more than a person who just got hit by your carelessness " the voice sounded very familiar but the guy's face was covered with mask , ' what the hell he does look familiar ' . I just shrugged it of and said " I am sorry but you should have used your eyes , didn't you saw a trolley coming your way " I scoffed at him . Well that's actually my problem I never admit my clumsiness in front of anyone.
He left the placed chuckling a bit.

I was driving at a normal speed enjoying the song PERSONA recently released by my favorite boy band and my bias Kim namjoon who's as clumsy as me .
I didn't even realized that there was a big traffic ahead as I was so into his deep voice ,I unintentionally hit the car in front of me.
My heart pounded heavily as I stepped out of the car to check out the damage .
The owner of other car which I just hit right now stepped out and looked at me , or we should say glared at me.
Seconds later we both said at the same time " YOU" .
" Huh aren't you the girl from the store "  he said with his deep voice.
' Aishhh this boy why am I encountering him this much today . its such q bad day'
" r u following me ? " he asked making me cough with sarcasm
" R u a sasaeng?" He asked raising his eyebrows.
" excuse me  why would I ? Do you think yourself as a celebrity huh?" I asked smirking .
He just rolled his eyes and said " Let's decide how you are going to pay me for the damage you've done"
" I am not paying you anything, besides it was your fault anyways ,who parks a car in middle of the road " I just slapped my self in my mind over the stupid reasoning I was doing at the moment.
" I didn't parked the car CAN'T YOU SEE THE TRAFFIC " he looks so angry right now.
" OK calm down , I know I was wrong but my favorite song persona was playing and I was just so into it . I'll pay for your damage " I said finally admitting my mistake.
I saw his eyes squeezing a bit as if he was smiling and I wondered why.
" let's go for a coffee and then we will decide " he said gesturing to the near by cafe .' woah what's wrong with this dude a moment ago he was glaring daggers at me and now he's offering me coffee'.
" umm OK" I replied still a bit confused.

We sat at the coffee shop when he asked " so what's your name ?" He still had his mask on giving me suspicion on his identity.
" y/n ....Kim y/n" I said .
" well y/n nice to meet you I am Kim namjoon" I just widened my eyes in surprise .
Wth Kim namjoon , God he looked so familiar . he quickly slid down his mask and showed me that he wasn't lying . " oh my God " I was about to freak out but he kept his finger on my lips telling me to keep quiet before wearing his mask back again.
His soft finger stayed on my lips for literally 5 seconds , ahhhh he's so gorgeous in person , so I am right now having a coffee with my bias.
" so you are a fan " he chuckled. I just stayed silent admiring him , " I know what you are feeling right now but please talk at least " he said touching my hand slightly.
Oh my my his touch is so soft. I suddenly start remembering today's events how I treated him at the supermarket making him fall  and damaging his car. ' How much more stupid can you be Kim y/n '
We talked for a while and he actually was the sweetest human being I have ever met ,he even rejected me paying for the damage saying that it was fine.
"You r a good company to be with y/n" he said as soon as we left the cafe.
I just smiled in return
" let's hang out more often" he said before as he asked for my phone number.
Today was certainly the best day of my life

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