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The very next morning, Luca woke up to Klaus's sleeping face right next to his own

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The very next morning, Luca woke up to Klaus's sleeping face right next to his own. Klaus' dormant mouth was wide open and he was breathing right on Luca. Luca turned away in disgust, and pushed Klaus's head to the other side of the bed without looking. The motion caused Klaus to awaken from his deep sleep. "Where were you yesterday?" Luca asked as he turned back around to face Klaus, his face now much farther away from him than before.

"Luther found out his moon mission was meaningless. Went AWOL and I had to find him, at some underground club— hyped up on molly." Klaus explained himself.

"And you were okay going back there, alone?" Luca further interrogated Klaus.

Klaus nodded, his eyes still shut as he wanted to sleep for a just a little bit longer. "Can you make me some eggs and—" Klaus began to speak until Luca interrupted.

"No." Luca spoke brutally emotionlessly.


"Why not?" Klaus whined.

"Because you need to take care of your brother. If he had a hell of a time with drugs last night, he's gonna need help from someone with much experience..." Luca snickered, his mouth opening wide into an amused grin.

"And I've got to tell him I spoke to my father last night." Klaus shot up out of bed, remembering the wild conversation he had with his father.

"You what?!" Suddenly Luca was wide awake, eager to here what went down between Klaus and his father.

* * *

"I conjured Dad last night." Klaus announced to Five, Luca and Luther at the breakfast table. Diego and Allison hadn't shown up home just yet.

Everyone's attention had turned to Klaus. They were all highly interested in what the infamous man had to say. "I thought you said you haven't been able to conjure anyone in years." Luther mentioned.

"Ah, yes, I know, but I'm sober. I've been sober for a while now if anyone cared to notice.." Klaus grumbled.

Luther sighed, a bit uninterestedly now. "Has anyone got some aspirin?" Luther asked as he got up from the table.

"Top shelf, next to the crackers." Five answered.

"What'd he have to say?" Luca pressed for Klaus to continue his story.

"Well, he gave me the usual lecture about my appearance and my failures in life. No surprise there. Even the afterlife couldn't soften a hardass like dad, right? But he did mention something about his murder, or lack thereof, because... he killed himself." Klaus pretended to be sad by looking down, mournfully at the ground.

"I don't have time for your games, Klaus." Luther groaned. Five and Luther were beginning to lose interest in Klaus' story and were no longer believing him.

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