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It was Wednesday, 8:15am

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It was Wednesday, 8:15am. And Diego, Allison and Luther were just not realizing that Five was trying to stop the upcoming apocalypse. Which was destined to occur in about three days. Although Luca and Klaus has already known, they pretended to be shocked. As the group of five bickered back and forth of how to solve the problem and how to help the now MIA Five to stop the apocalypse from happening, Vanya and her new boyfriend wandered in.

"Hey." Vanya spoke up, her voice still soothing and unconfident.

Everyone stopped bickering to turn around and look at her. "What's going on?" She asked.

"It's a.. family matter." Allison coughed up a quick answer.

"A family matter. So, of course, you couldn't bother to include me." Vanya scoffed.

"No, it's not like that. We were—" Luther began.

"Please. Don't let my interrupt." Vanya turned around to leave.

"Vanya, wait. I'll fill you in later when we're alone." Allison hurried after her.

"Please, please, don't bother. And I won't either." Vanya huffed.

"Vanya, that's not fair." Allison shook her head at her sister.

"Fair? There's nothing fair about being your sister. I have been left out of everything for as long as I can remember. And I used to think it was Dad's fault, but he's dead. So it turns out you're the assholes." Vanya spat before leaving the room.

"Ouch." Klaus muttered, rolling his eyes at his dramatic sister.

"I'm gonna go after Vanya and explain." Allison announced.

"What? No. There isn't time. We need to figure out what causes the apocalypse." Luther huffed.

Allison sighed, listened to Luther and stayed. "Now, there are loads of possibilities. Nuclear, asteroids. But I'm thinking this is about the Moon. Right? Dad must've sent me up there for a reason. And I was giving him daily updates on the conditions, I sent field samples—" Luther rambled on and on.

"Or maybe he sent you to the moon to get you away?" Luca shrugged.

"What? Why would you say something like that?" Luther asked.

"Because no one else has the balls to. Think about it. You were the only one left living in the house. A grown man, living with his father. And if it is about the moon, you guys lost fighting this apocalypse the first time around... what gives you a win this time? Maybe the end is inevitable." Luca pondered.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a flashing blue light appeared and the body of Five dropped in from thin air. "Jesus!" Allison screamed.

Five groaned in pain upon his impact. He held a briefcase, much like the one Klaus stole a while back from Hazel and Cha Cha. "Five, where have you been?" Luther asked.

"Are you all right?" Allison asked as she helped him up.

"Who did this?" Luther continued to bombard the startled boy with questions.

"Irrelevant." Five grunted.

"The apocalypse is in three days. The only chance we have to save our world is, well, us." Five seemed almost angry as he announced the news.

"The Umbrella Academy?" Luther asked for clarification.

"Yeah, but with me, obviously. So if y'all don't get your side show acts together and get over yourselves, we're screwed. Who cares if dad messed us up? Are we gonna let that define us? No. And to give us a fighting chance to see next week, I've come back with a lead," Five lifted up a piece of paper he held in his hand, " I know who is responsible for the apocalypse."

Allison snatched the paper from Five and opened it up. " Harold Jenkins?" Allison spoke aloud as she read the piece of paper.

"Who the hell is Harold Jenkins?" Diego asked.

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