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The sweet smells of beignets and coffee overtook Klaus and Luca's sense of smell

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The sweet smells of beignets and coffee overtook Klaus and Luca's sense of smell. The smell alone was better than the molly Klaus took the night before. For a moment, it made him forget about itching for drugs 24/7. "Reminds me of home." Luca admitted.

"Where's that?" Klaus asked as he stuffed his face with beignets. He was awfully comfortable around Luca, considering this was technically their first official date. Luca brushed off at hangover hunger, it was the worst.

"Giverny, France." Luca responded. "You?"

"We're living in it," Klaus open his around out around him, suggesting New York was his home, "but I'm adopted."Luca knitted his brows together, he had just been thinking about some family of adopted children a few days ago. But, the specific information had slipped his mind and he had totally forgotten all about the Umbrella Academy despite the information seeming to be on the tip of his tongue. I suppose the raging headache from his hangover wasn't helping him much to recall.

* * *

When they finished eating, Luca paid for the two of them and they began walking around the streets of New York. They had walked and talked so much, the sun was already setting for the day. "Tell me the craziest thing about you and I'll finally leave you alone and go home." Klaus snickered as he watched his feet glide over the pavement.

"You would never believe me." Luca shrugged.

"Trust me, I think I've seen enough in my day to believe in anything at this point." Klaus scoffed, insulted that Luca would think him uncultured or undeserving to know of his secret.

"Well," Luca stopped walking to face Klaus dead in the eye, "I have superpowers." He whispered.

Klaus began chuckling quietly then he crescendoed into a loud cackle. Luca's confidence in Klaus was suddenly crushed as he thought Klaus was making fun of him. "Why are you laughing?" Luca asked, his face growing dark.

"Because I do, too." Klaus spoke lowly to Luca.

"What can you do?" Luca inquired.

"Talk to your dead granny. You?" Klaus narrowed his eyes, curiously, at Luca.

"I can teleport through space, use compulsion and manipulate objects without touching them." Luca explained, still trying to wrap his head around the fact that Klaus had a power as well.

"Oh my god, if my dad managed to get his greedy little hands on you when you were a—" Klaus stopped midsentence, "—wait, when were you born?"

"October 1st, 1989." Luca answered. Klaus tangled his fingers anxiously though his hair and gasped.

"You're one of us." Klaus whispered to Luca.

"One of who?"

"The Umbrella Academy. You were one of the dozens that my father didn't manage to adopt. If he had gotten you, you'd be his number one." Klaus elaborated.

Luca's jaw dropped. He knew of the story of the strange wealthy man trying to adopt him from his mother only a few days after his birth. "I'm glad you weren't though, that'd make us siblings." Klaus gagged, thinking of his other two siblings who were in a forbidden love.

"It all makes sense now." Luca palmed his forehead.

"Well," Klaus sucked in air through his teeth, "I promised to leave you be now, so I guess this is goodbye?"

"For now, I hope." Luca smiled small at him.

Klaus beamed at Luca, then carefully pulled Luca's face to his by placing two fingers under Luca's chin. His lips lingered right over Luca's, teasing him. Luca could feel Klaus's warmth radiating from his skin, yet Luca still felt he was too far from Klaus. He wanted contact so bad, his knees were practically trembling. Klaus finally fulfilled Luca's desired and planted a soft, but passionate kiss on his lips. And when he parted, they locked their eyes. Klaus pulled away and Luca felt the butterflies in his stomach flutter up to his chest.

Klaus turned away to call a cab, and one quickly pulled up to take Klaus away. Luca wanted to scream his name and have him stay one more night with him. Klaus had captivated him so much he had fallen so deeply infatuated in him, he didn't think he was ever going to let go. Despite Luca's desires to keep Klaus back for himself, he allowed the yellow cab to drive away without interruption. Luca knew he'd be back for him. That kiss solidified both of their predictions of their connection, leaving each other only wanting more.

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