11 | the briefcase

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The very next day, Klaus appeared

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The very next day, Klaus appeared. But, he looked extremely traumatized and sad. Luca greeted him with an enormous hug. Their embrace lasted a long few minutes as they relished being in each other's arms once again. "Where have you been?" Luca inquired.

"I stole their briefcase that they hid in the vent." Klaus spoke nonchalantly as he stared off into space.

"What was in it?" Luca broke their hug, and instantly noticed a new tattoo on Klaus' arm. He had never noticed the tattoo before and found it quite peculiar for its sudden appearance to occur within a night.

"I—its a time traveling briefcase. It took me to the Vietnam War. I was forced to serve in it. It was bad, so bad." Klaus shuddered as he recalled the year he spent there fighting and watching his group get slaughtered.

"How long?" Luca asked as he traced a finger over Klaus' tattoo, making the connection that he must've gotten it there.

"A year." Klaus' voice cracked. He began to silently cry; hot tears rolled down his face, then, he looked up at Luca. He had missed him so much. He hadn't known what had happened to him for so long; but, for Luca, it had only been a day. This only made Klaus appreciate Luca's presence even more. It made him realize what it would be like to live without Luca, and for Klaus, it was worse than torture. He had missed him everyday and wondered what had happened to him after the motel for everyday for that year. He felt alone and unaccepted.

* * *

Klaus was an entirely new person now that he was back from his long year at war. Though it had only been one night since Luca saw him, Klaus changed immensely. He was more matured, his voice's deeper tone expressed all the hardship and sacrifice he endured. Klaus wasn't as boyish anymore, his snarky jokes hadn't come along since he came back.

Klaus has left to go somewhere with Diego, leaving Luca to tend to the house. He fixed the chandelier that had fallen when Cha Cha and Hazel first attacked the Hargreaves with their intrusion of the home. Once he was finished, he returned upstairs and heard Five speaking to himself. Luca took a peek in his bedroom and saw thousands, if not millions, of numbers and equations written on Five's walls made out of chalkboard. He was doing an innumerable amount of calculations, mumbling off to himself about something Luca could not hear. "A probability map?" Luca asked as he observed all of the pie graphs and processes of elimination occurring as he barely followed the messy work.

Five turned around, impressed with Luca's observant skill set. Five only grew more and more impressed with Luca by the day, he truly did like him and enjoyed having him around. "Yes," he looked at Luca, smirking appreciatively, then turned back around, "of whose death could save the world. I've narrowed it down to four."

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