8 | assault

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The three were at the lab, speaking to the scientist in a very dramatic fashion

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The three were at the lab, speaking to the scientist in a very dramatic fashion. Klaus did it because he thought it'd be fun, Luca did it because.. well... he wasn't quite sure. "Like I said to your son earlier," the scientist eyed Luca and Klaus— the abnormally young couple of parents— as he spoke, "any information about the prosthetics we build is strictly confidential. Without the client's consent, I simply can't help you."

"Well," Five stood up and frustratedly placed his fists on the scientist's desk, "we can't get consent if you don't give us a name." Five narrowed his eyes and clenched his jaw angrily.

"Well, that's not my problem." The scientist spoke matter-of-factly, quite uncaring with a shrug of his shoulders.

"Sorry. Now, there's really nothing more than I can do, so—" the scientist began.

Klaus blinked out of his deep thought then interrupted the scientist from speaking anymore unhelpful gibberish. "And what about my consent?" Klaus inquired, putting on a very angry and disturbed visage to portray an irate white woman.

"Excuse me?" The poor scientist asked, truly discombobulated.

"Who gave you permission to lay your hands," Klaus' voice dramatically cracked as if he were about to cry, "on my son?" Klaus pointed at Five.

Luca knew where Klaus was going with this. He was going to cry wolf and say that the scientist assaulted Five. So, Luca followed pursuit and put on a disgusted face himself. "What?" The scientist and Five simultaneously asked.

"You heard me." Klaus clenched his jaw.

"I didn't touch your son." The scientist retorted.

"Oh, really? Well, the how did he get that swollen lip, then?" Klaus asked, as if the scientist were an idiot.

"He doesn't have a swollen—" the scientist began, and Klaus quickly jumped up out of his chair and punched Five in his face. Five grunted on pain, Klaus sighed and turned to the scientist with a pleased smirk crossing his face.

"I want it. Name, please. Now." Klaus demanded impatiently for the information, leaning himself over the scientist's desk.

"You're crazy." The scientist pointed a telling finger at Klaus.

Klaus half heartedly chuckled. "You got no idea," Klaus smiled, then his eyes trailed down to the desk and found a snow globe of the world and picked it up, "peace on earth. That's so sweet." Suddenly, Klaus slammed the globe to his face— the glass shattering and slicing up his face. Klaus groaned in genuine pain, shaking as he lifted his face to look at the scientist again with blood pouring down his cheek.

"God, that hurt!" Klaus shrieked.

The scientist grabbed his phone on his desk and quickly began to dial an unknown number, likely for help against the crazy man. But, Klaus snatched the phone out of his hand and pressed the phone to his own ear. Klaus breathes heavily and quickly. "What are you doing?!" The scientist shouted.

"There's been an assault.. in Mr. Big's office, and we need security, now. Schuell!" Klaus gasped and dramatically sobbed into the phone, then hung up. Klaus' entire false persona was dropped and he caught his breath.

"Now, here's what's gonna happen, Grant." Klaus spoke.

"It's... Lance." The scientist corrected.

"In about 60 seconds," Klaus ignored the man's correction, "two security guards are gonna burst through that door, and they're gonna see a whole lot of blood, and they're gonna wonder, 'what the hell happened?' And we're gonna tell them that you beat the shit out of us." Klaus dramatically sobbed, preparing himself if he had to use his acting skills to lie to the security. Five was standing behind Klaus with a satisfied smirk crossing his face, understanding the mental games and blackmail Klaus was using on the scientist.

Luca suddenly stood up, finally pitching in a word or two. "Unless, you give us that name." Luca shot the scientist a demeaning look. The scientist was truly horrified, his face frozen in place in that ugly, terrified expression.

With no time to waste, the scientist quickly led the three over to another room where he fingered through all of the files with such a pace, Usain Bolt would have feared for his career. "Oh, that's strange." The scientist looked through one of the folder's contents.

"What?" Five nervously inquired.

"Uh, the eye. It hasn't been purchased by a client yet." He informed.

Klaus humphed. "What? What do you mean?"

"Well, uh, our logs say that they eye with that serial number... this can't be right. It hasn't even been manufactured yet. Where did you get that eye?" The scientist asked Five. Five huffed, understanding that he was far too early to know who the eye belonged to.

* * *

After the three left the lab building, Five began to elaborate. "Well, this is not good." Five mentioned.

"I was pretty good, though, right? 'Yeah. What about my consent, bitch?'" Klaus looked over at Five and Luca for approval.

"Klaus, it doesn't matter." Five spat, angry at himself and the world.

"What? What's the big deal with this eye, anyway?" Klaus groaned, annoyed at Five killing his mood.

"There is someone out there who's going to lose an eye in the next seven days. They're gonna bring about the end of life on this earth as we know it." Five hissed at his obnoxious brother.

"The apocalypse?" Luca asked.

Five waved him off. "It's too complex for someone as simple as you to understand." Five dismisses Luca.

Luca scoffed. "The Hargreeves never fail to amaze me. You always overlook the smaller details that make up the bigger picture. I was born on October 1st, 1989. I have powers beyond imaginable, likely more powerful than any other if fully tapped into. Yet, you and your family think you're the only important piece in this chess game. If you want to stop the end of the world, you all are going to have to stop being so arrogant and vain." Luca growled at the young man stuck in a boy's body.

Five furrowed his brows at Luca, trying to understand his words. For someone who thought they were all the more knowledgeable than anyone else, he was sure taking a long time to digest the information. "You're telling me, there's more of us?" Five inquired.

Luca nodded. Five's mind filled with thousands of marvelous ideas, but they all quickly died as he realized how limited their time was. "We wouldn't have enough time to find even one with a power useful to this task, let alone find any one somewhere in this world." Five explained his dilemma.

Luca understood, giving Five a curt nod. "But, maybe we do need to look at the smaller picture." Five sighed then stomped off.

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