15 | the end

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15 | THE END

As soon as everyone got back home, Grace took as good of care as she could for Allison

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As soon as everyone got back home, Grace took as good of care as she could for Allison. Klaus was stressing out and was really on the brink of returning to drugs. Luca knew it but was far too worried about the end of the world than to try to babysit Klaus.

Allison pulled through and managed to survive the procedure. Five and Diego went back to the house and found Harold Jenkins dead. It was all truly a mystery of what the apocalypse was supposed to be now that Harold was eliminated. They only knew one thing, that Vanya was the one who slit Allison's throat. And the moment she finally returned home, they locked her up in the basement.

"You locked her up?" Luca asked Luther.

"Not just because of Allison. Because she has powers." Luther informed.

"Why would it be kept a secret by your father, though? Do you think she knew?" Luca asked.

"Because he was scared of her. And I think she just found out." Luther told Luca everything he knew, but it was limited. Making Luca quite skeptical of the situation.

"That's not fair."
"It's the safest option we have."
"You're only going to piss her off."
"It's better than her hurting anyone else."

Luca shook his head and walked away, leaving the decision to be disputed amongst the siblings. Luca turned to leave the home. "Where are you going?" Luther asked.

"Tell Klaus I'm going home. I can't stay here knowing that you locked up your sister downstairs." Luca replied.

* * *

Luca was back at his and Klaus' apartment for the first time in forever, and just as he was about to get comfortable, he was already getting phones calls from Diego and Klaus to come back. "Where are you? Vanya broke out of her confinement and is wreaking havoc." Klaus exclaimed over the phone.

Luca heard Diego snatch the phone from Klaus. "And Klaus thinks he can make ghosts play fetch." Diego spoke out into the phone.

"Huh?" Luca was very confused, but all he heard over the phone was Diego and Klaus struggling to snatch the phone from each other.

Klaus seemed to have finally won that battle and finally took full control over the phone. "Ben punched me! I swear he did! But right now we need help with Vanya, we're at the bowling alley place we used to go to." Klaus exclaimed.

Luca moaned. "I just got home and you guys have managed to pissed off Vanya and let her run off in a rampage within an hour?" Luca was truly tired of all the running back and forth trying to help— yet still feeling unaccomplished after doing so.

"Please, Luca. This is actually important now." Klaus pleaded.

"Fine. But this is the last time. If we can't save the world from ending, then we should just make the most of our last day in it."

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